10 types of shoes every guy needs in his closet

Shoes are one of, if not the, most fun things to shop for. That’s because once you’re fully grown, rarely do your feet change sizes dramatically. Plus, shoes are made to be durable. Shopping for shoes means finding stuff that you know will fit your feet (and style) for the foreseeable future. And it’s more fun to spend your money if you feel like that money is well spent. But, with that comes bigger questions: What kind of shoes are the best to own? What builds out a solid foundation for a shoe wardrobe, which can then be added to with fun or trendy options? So, we chose the basics for you. These are the shoes every guy should own, from pool slides to dress shoes

  • Adidas Adilette slides

OK, first things first: the basics. You really don’t ever need to overthink or overspend when it comes to sandals. You need them for the pool, the beach, and all water-adjacent activities. Get a pair of black Adidas Adilette slides and wear them for all occasions.

  • Vans OG Old Skool LX Sneakers

Everyone could use (at least) one pair of Vans in their closest. Old Skools are, well, old-school, and the black-and-white color combination will never go out of style.

  • BEST YEAR-ROUND SNEAKER;Adidas Continental 80 Sneaker

We believe you can never have too many white sneakers. They look fresh, clean, and brighten up any outfit. You can’t go wrong with a pair that’s under $100 and in white leather.

  • Ugg Scuff Romeo II Slipper

No man should be forced to pad around his place barefoot, ever. And Ugg slippers are: Worth. It. Seriously, it might be the best hundred bucks you ever spend. They’re comfy as hell, and you’ll look forward to putting them on every time you get home.

  • Castañer Pablo Canvas Espadrilles

Get a pair of canvas espadrilles for casual wear, because they’re a whole lot more stylish than flip-flops. They’re the second shoe you bring on vacation, after those Adidas slides, and the ultimate summer shoe.

  • Asics Gel Saga Leather

Every man needs a pair of sneakers that he can walk in comfortably, whether that’s for weekend errands or traversing a new city. These get the job done and look good doin’ it.

  • Clarks Originals Desert Boot

You truly can’t beat Clarks’ desert boot as the go-to option for a casual everyday outfit. It’s an especially perfect shoe for transitional spring and fall weather, when you need some coverage but not too much. Sand coloring is a safe bet, too.

  • Dr. Martens Pascal 8-Eye Boot

And once you need a little more coverage from your shoe than a desert boot, Docs are a sure bet. Wear them with all of your jeans, all year long.


Every guy needs a shoe that helps him through his workout without getting in the way. Nike’s Metcon sneaker is the one to invest in. Its expertly balanced silhouette makes it ideal for any type of workout you need it for: There’s a flat surface for lifting, extra support for lateral movement, and a wide toe box for running.

  • Thursday Boots Duke

Chelsea boots are an essential shoe; they’re comfortable, streamlined, and just plain cool. Although leather and suede are both good options, leather tends to stay looking new longer. You can never go wrong with brown.

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