11 Best weight loss diets for men and women

You might have heard of people doing crazy things just to loss weight in the past however most are myth!
Weight loss simply means reducing your body intake of sugar to some extent to reduce cholesterol build-up which can later result in obesity, arthresclerosis,high blood pressure and many other related diseases.(You see more reason for you to lose some weight?)

Listed below are 11 confirmed foods that reduce your weight without risks involved and at less cost.

1.water:The most affordable and easily available food for weight loss is water, not only does it flush the body system and regulate temperature.water boost metabolism by 24-30% over a period of 1-1.5 hours.

2. Egg:Eating whole egg help loss weight for the next 36 hours i.e. increase the ability to suppress appetite.

3. Coffee:it boosts metabolism by 3-11% and increase burning of fat up to 10-29% _Don’t add sugar as it is of high calorie(increase weight).

4.spicy foods: spicy foods such as chilli pepper contain capsaicin that boost metabolism and reduce appetite.

5. Vegetables and fruits :Vegetables are low in calories and make you full, so try to include leafy vegetables in your meal next time.fruits are rich in vitamin C aside other functions they contain high water content which help to reduce food weight naturally.

6. Protein:The best food for weight loss is protein, high protein diet boost metabolism by 80-100 calories per diet while shaving 44% calories per day off your diet


7. Salmon: This fish is high in iodine as other sea-foods, iodine is necessary for thyroid function to maintain metabolism.it also contains Omega-3-fatty acids which is helpful reduction as well.

8. Boiled potato :it is high in potassium, when eating especially for breakfast you feel full naturally.cooled boiled potato resistant starch necessary for weight loss.

9. Fibre:Eat food high in fibre content such as wheat,they increase satiety and boost metabolism.

10. Soup: solid food aren’t as effective (for weight loss) as watery food due to high water content.ignore adding milk and sugar (They are weight booster!).

11. Avocados;They are suitable food for losing weight as they contain a fat known as oleic acid, potassium and also fibre.

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In conclusion,losing weight can be easy by eating the foods listed above, you don’t have to take pills and weird things. Remember what you eat affect your health, cut down sugar intake and stay healthy.
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