An hair is a pigmented filament of keratin which grows from a follicle on the skin of humans and other mammals.

  Just like the other parts of the body you need to take proper care of your hair not only by plaiting,cutting and using conditioners but by taking food good for shiny hair.

Note that the hair has underlying nerves and glands ,hence  it respond to whatever care you apply for/on it.We all want that natural shiny long hair especially ladies but then what are you doing to get it?

If your hair is dull and not shiny,there are several factors that can contribute to this,some of them include:

1.Vitamin deficiencies


3.Reflection of Ultraviolet ray

4.Eating junks

5.Smoking & drinking

6.Unhealthy lifestyles etc.

Why does an hair looks shiny?

When an hair received enough  nutrient to make it glow and lustrous such as fatty acids,zinc,iron etc,the outer cuticle of such hair will reflect light and it appears shiny to the eye.

What food are good for shiny hair?

Any food that will make the hair shiny  should be rich in fatty acids,iron,zinc and vitamins .

Here are 13 foods you need to take regularly for healthy shiny hair and skin.

They include:





5.Chicken & Turkey



8.Green tea

9.Dark chocolate

10.Sweet potato



13.Oils such as argon oil,castor oil ,black seed oil and  coconut oil

Mackerel : This is an edible fish of the family Scombridae, often is rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids essential for shiny can be prepared in any of your preferred method (smoked,boil or fried)

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Salmon :it is one of the several species of fish with pinkish-orange color when cooked ,salmon is rich in vitamin B12 and iron which are suitable ingredients for shiny hair.

Eggs:They are rich in biotin notable for giving hair lusture look,it can be fried,boiled or  applied directly on the hair.

Carrots: have you heard of carrot good for vision? This is so because it contains vitamin A which suitable for good sight but the good news is that carrots also contribute to  the shiny hair  if you eat them on a regular basis

Green tea: your idea about tea is that they calm the nerves,flush toxins and boost your immunity,however what you missed out is that if you want a shiny hair.get yourself a cup of green tea daily , you can also wash your hair with it.

Ways to prevent dull and unhealthy hair

1.practice healthy habits

2.Avoid eating junks

3.Quit drinking and smoking

4.Make use of sunscreen regularly

5.Manage stress properly

6.Eat fruits,vegetables and balanced diet on a regular basis.

You don’t need to waste money on hair creams,bizarre conditioners that would only damage your hair scalps and make it worst,try to get the   foods below for lustrous hair  as well as avoid habits that can give you poor hair.

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