We’ve always been in a hurry to leave home in the morning that we forget to style our bed, Even when get to be home, we don’t know how to do it like a pro.

What’s the best way to dress to  style a bed? We’re always rushing in the mornings so making  our beds to perfection isn’t our biggest concern

Our lives will become easier (and our bed-making attempts more like a pro), if we knew the basic  bed dressing hacks, including how to make reversible duvet covers, style throws, cushions and other bed accessories.

Ways to style your bedroom

A bedroom is supposed to be a place of your greatest imaginations, since we spend the most of our nights in this room then we need to learn how to style it .

Although yes visitors or strangers can’t enter this place with you unlike your sitting room however you would feel happy with yourself if where you rest look magnificent and Unique.

You don’t really need a special interior decorations however little things as making your bed can add some class to your bedroom without exhausting your cost and building up bills.

There are five ways you can style your bedroom, and they include but not limited to:

  • Reversible duvet covers
  • Throws
  • A bedspread
  • Cushion
  • And a pillow talk

Now let’s give some brief description on how to make these bed styles, Take note and put to practice the following ways on how to change your bed from boring to beautiful

1. Reversible duvet cover

One of the most common way of making bed is reversible duvet covers and mixing prints.

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Aside the fact that it provides two options for the main design to feature since you can add some tastes to it daily .


Reversible duvet covers;style your bedroom
Reversible duvet covers

It also creates an avenue to make another form of style to a bed when the top of the duvet cover is turned down in accordance to a popular British bedding company ;Jackie McLoughlin



2. Throws
Although throws is one of the great ways of styling bed but aside the fact that it is an old way, it also doesn’t ensure neat foldings at the bottom of the bed.


Throws today are now informal, draped over the corner of bed in a room as an improvement over the previous ones.


3. A bedspread
The effect a bedspread creates not only consist of adding a unique colour element into the focal point of the room (in this instance the bed)

A bedspread
A bedspread

but also it creates a great instance update of the cold days that is the autumn/winter style of bedroom.


4. Cushion

Cushion is an essential form of making a unique style of bedroom and how many can be made?

Three has been a peculiar number in making cushion, or you can choose to stick to old numbers.

Something like having six in total for a king and three for a single.

Cushions can be mixed in different shapes, ways, designs, colours and textures to get different look, and it should not be displayed in a uniform manner.


Cushion style of bed is also a way of combining different design elements or colours.

In order to avoid spending too much when styling your bed,invest in cushion covers you can change periodically.

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5. Pillow talk
when styling a bed,the position of the pillow is important and there’s been different question on whether the pillow should be placed above the duvet or tucked undeneath.

Pillow talk
Pillow talk

placing the pillow above the duvet is cool although the later is not bad too.

So we’ve looked into the different ways of styling a bed while taking into consideration their pro and cons,we hope you’d get to try some of them by weekend from the first listed to the pillow talk

Thanks for reading…

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Updated:9th of March,2021

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