5 facts you need to know about professor Ibrahim Gambari (The new chief of staff)

Here are 5 facts you need to know about Ibrahim Gambari:

1. Ibrahim Gambari was born  to a fulani family in Ilorin kwara state on November 24,1944.

2 .Professor Ibrahim Gambari holds the record of being the longest serving Ambassador/Permanent Representative of Nigeria to the United Nations (January 1990 to October 1999).  

3.he founded international studies program at University of zaria when he was the chairman of the Department of political sciences

4.He has  authored many books amongst them include :THEORY AND REALITY IN FOREIGN POLICY DECISION MAKING (N.J.: Humanities Press), and COMPARATIVE STUDY OF REGIONAL ECONOMIC INTEGRATION: THE CASE OF ECOWAS (N.J.: Humanities Press).  THE DOMESTIC POLITICS OF NIGERIA’S FOREIGN POLICY (Nigeria: Ahmadu Bello University Press) etc.

5.Professor Gambari is the founder of the Savannah Centre for Diplomacy, Democracy and Development, a non-governmental “think-tank” being established in Abuja, Nigeria, devoted to critical analyses of and solutions to the problems of conflict prevention, management and resolution

He is indeed a man of honour and greatness,we hope he’d be able to serve the president well
Congratulations to him!

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