Clean your teeth with a brush at least twice a day should be an essential part  of your day, Take it serious just as you value what you eat.

The teeth contain the strongest tissue in the body, it is rich in calcium carbonate, phosphate and other compounds.

A teeth

The main function of teeth is to chew and break down foods aside the fact that it serves the purpose of beautification.

It is important for you to brush your teeth twice a day, and we will be listing some reasons below ;some of these reasons are what you might be aware of while this might be the first time you’d hear of others.

 Brush the teeth with a strong but soft toothbrush, Also make use of fluorine-based toothpaste for strong teeth. It is noteworthy for you to know you don’t really need to rinse your mouth with water immediately after washing, leave it for some minutes for the teeth to absorb enough fluorine to nourish it.

Reasons you should brush Twice daily

Here are some of the reasons you should endeavour to brush your teeth twice daily:

1. Risk of heart attack and stroke is reduced:

When you refused to brush your teeth, this may lead to accumulation of bacteria in the mouth and when swallowing, it can travel down to your bloodstream.

From the bloodstream, there might be build up of cholesterol in the arteries known as atherosclerosis. This tends to increase the possibility of heart attack and stroke.


However, brushing the teeth tends to eliminate the occurrence of such

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2. Save you bad breath:

To be sincere, would you like to sit or associate with anyone who’s got a smelly mouth. No one would like to, not to talk of people who have foods in their teeth.


If you don’t want to embarrass yourself with the listed above, it is advisable you brush your teeth twice daily

3. It is economical:

As adage goes “Prevention is better than cure”, it is  more expensive to look for cure for a decayed tooth than to get a toothpaste and toothbrush you’d use to clean your teeth.

Hence, this save cost as you not only have good oral hygiene but also save money you would have wasted on dental bills

4. Prevent premature birth:

Gum disease has been associated with predisposure to premature birth and unhealthy babies..

Just like we’ve analyzed earlier,you should know the plague built up in your teeth when you refused to brush your teeth can get in the canal of your baby if you are pregnant,this expose them to irregular growth and development.

Poor oral hygiene has also been attributed to infertility and late pregnancy.

5. It prevents old ages diseases like dementia:

According to some studies, not taking care of your teeth frequently increases the risk of having dementia by about 30% to 40%

From above, you can see brushing the teeth twice every day reduces the risk of heart diseases, save you from smelly mouth, reduce cost of dental bills,prevent premature birth and reduce the occurrence of old age-related diseases.

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This shows the importance of taking care of your teeth and maintaining healthy oral hygiene.

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Updated:25th of February,2021

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