Harmattan is a season characterized by dust, dry air and cold weather.it is a period in Nigeria between November to March of the Next year.

Also, there’s tendency for skin to crack and dry up.

How do you prepare for harmattan?

1. Drink enough water:

Have at least 1.5 litres of water each day for hydration, avoid carbonated drinks.

2. Asthmatic patient should cover their nose and be careful as they triggered more during harmattan season.

3. Get lip balm and moisturizer in place to fix cracked up skins and lips


4. Wear warm clothes at night and loosen up in the day when the sun is out


5. Retain moisture in your hair after washing


Also apply oil on it from time to time.

Protect yourself from the most feared season by dressing properly, hydrating,using balm and moisture and, taking good care of your hair.

Remember to stay safe and healthy!

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