Yellow fever is a viral infection common in Africa and South America, its spread by the bite of a particular mosquito.

Here are some facts you should know about yellow fever

1. Yellow fever is caused by a flavivirus spread by Aedes Mosquito,human and monkey are its secondary host

2.symptoms include fever, headache , vomiting etc.

3. Jaundice (yellowing of skin), Slow heart rate and bleeding could be a severe sign of yellow fever

4. Severe forms of yellow fever could lead to death

5. There is no treatment for yellow fever however vaccines can protect you

6. A single dose of yellow fever vaccine can protect you for 10 years

7. There are 48 confirmed cases of yellow fever in Nigeria including the following states ;
Enugu, Ekiti,Ebonyi, Bauchi,Benue,Delta and Oyo

As there’s no cure for yellow fever, it is advisable we stay safe and healthy in our respective environment. Thanks for reading.
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