A 4-year-Old girl got honored for saving her mom during medical emergency
It happened that Isla Blazer called 911 when her mom Haley fell in the kitchen,”My mom collapsed and she is not moving” Isla told the Township police dispatcher.
Isla Blazer 

It was later found out that it was due to bacteria infection however Isla was able to save her mom as she is a quick thinker.
“She was able to give their address and knew exactly what to do” says dispatcher Julie koko
Not only did she saved her mom ,she also looked after her siblings; A 2-yr old girl and a  1-yr old twin brothers.Also she was able to open the front door when the medics arrived by climbing on a chair ,at the same time she calmed their dog who was barking at the strangers.
Isla was honored for been brave like an adult instead of freaking out and for been such a meticulous thinker who knew what to do at the right time.
She was rewarded with a certificate,honorary police batch and a tour of the police station
We all hope to have a child like Isla as she is so smart
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