This the disease of the blood whereby the red blood cell components is lower than normal, Haemoglobin which is the major components of the RBCs has great affinity for oxygen which is a necessary compound required for living. In case where there is shortage of red blood cell, there is low oxygen in the body wigh can lead to dizziness and weakness.

According to the world health Organization (WHO) , About 40% of children less than 4 yrs and 43% of pregnant women are suffering from anaemia globally.


  • Weakness
  • low oxygen
  • Dizziness
  • Brittle nails
  • Headache

Haemoglobin can be replaced by iron supplements as well as blood transfusion. Vitamin supplements can be taken in case of low vitamin level in the body, taking medication that aid blood formation can also help treat anaemia.


This article is written to commiserate world blood donor day celebrated every 14th of June, 2022.