Are you bored? Do these five things during this covid break and you will thank me later!
I guess it’s no news to you about how the covid-19 pandemic has put a comma to the life of the masses. People have been asked to play safe by staying isolated in their homes. As time passes by, boredom kicks in and you believe you don’t have anything to lighten up your mood. Fear not as here are the five easy routine you could engage in that woul make your stay at home either as a student of as a worker worth while.

1. Book reading
I must confess how bad our reading culture in Nigeria is. This really have to change. A reader is a leader and so, why not seize this opportunity to give into the world of words to add more knowledge and value to yourself. Books ranging from entrepreneurship, Business ideology, Non fiction and even self help books are great places for you to start with. When the white said “if you want to hide something from a black man, put it in a book” don’t you think they didn’t know what it meant? Books are source of hidden keys to unlock the secret of the world. Use it!

2. Exercise

Exercise can’t be overemphasized. If your body isn’t working itself up, you begin to get cramps and body aches due to your body staying a particular location for too long. While don’t you utilise your evening and workout around backyard or your gym if you are privileged to have one. Remember, the benefits of exercise is numerous and the lack of exercise is hazardous. Stay fit!
3. Learn a language
Another thing you could do is to learn a foreign language. You have being a huge fan of Spanish,French or Korean movies? learn their language. There are thousands of YouTube videos and ebooks out there that can get you started. Playstore has numerous apps like Duolingo and the rest that could get you started. Won’t it be fun if you could speak a foreign language with your who is also learning the same language as yours?  It has been proven that learning a new language helps the brain’s cognitive reasoning. Bonjour mes amis!
4.Connect with God
Without God, nothing is possible. This is time to increase your bond  with your God. Now that we have no excuse like we’ve been busy working all day and have little free time. You have time now!
5 play  strategy games
Have you ever wondered why people play chess or any other strategy games? Well, the answer is that you could relate it to a life situation. Take for instance,a person who play chess well could learn more and even be proactive in his or her business affairs. As I believe “life is nothing but a chess game”. Other games like Monopoly also help you understand the area of business.
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