Sickle cell Anaemia is a disorder whereby the red blood become crescent or sickle-shaped as opposed the spherical shape, the shape assumed by the RBCs causes low supply of oxygen which in turn result in pain (crises).

The anaemia could be prevented if potential partners ensure there is genotype compatibility, Always remember the rule AA + Others , In essence two AS couples are not expected to marry one another.

Symptoms of sickle cell Anaemia
Some of them include:
1. Anaemia
2. Excruciating Pain
3. Swollen feet and hand
4. Presence of Infection e.g pneumonia
5. Poor vision

Treatment of Sickle cell Anaemia

Stem cell transplant is a sure way to cure sickle cell Anaemia, this is a procedure whereby the diseased Stem is replaced by healthy ones.

Other ways to manage the Anaemia include taking medications such as antibiotics to treat infections as well as blood transfusion .

This article is written to create awareness about sickle cell Anaemia on World sickle cell day celebrated every 19th of June.

The National Association of Ondo State Students, Unilorin Chapter led by the president, Tesleemah Taye Abdulkareem paid a courtesy visit to the victim admitted at Unimed teaching hospital on Thursday ,16th of June. 2022.

Following a reliable source, aside FMC Owo .A young man was also brought to Akure for treatment after he got his leg terribly injured, the man who chooses that his identity is undisclosed was happy to meet the team as well as his mother who was looking after him.

Also the staffs of his ward were happy to receive delegate of the association saying it’s a good move on the part of the association all the way from unilorin to visit unimed teaching hospital as most are not aware or pay less attention to victims in other hospitals aside Owo.

According to the doctor in charge, he has a fracture in his left leg of which surgery has been carried out,He is getting better with external fixator attached to the broken bones with metal pins to help keep them in place.

NAOSS , Unilorin Chapter led-team also gifted the man some provisions, beverages and fruits with Tesleemah wishing the young man quick recovery. Other patients were happy to receive the delegate into the ward as they bade them Goodbye upon exit from the ward.

This the disease of the blood whereby the red blood cell components is lower than normal, Haemoglobin which is the major components of the RBCs has great affinity for oxygen which is a necessary compound required for living. In case where there is shortage of red blood cell, there is low oxygen in the body wigh can lead to dizziness and weakness.

According to the world health Organization (WHO) , About 40% of children less than 4 yrs and 43% of pregnant women are suffering from anaemia globally.


  • Weakness
  • low oxygen
  • Dizziness
  • Brittle nails
  • Headache

Haemoglobin can be replaced by iron supplements as well as blood transfusion. Vitamin supplements can be taken in case of low vitamin level in the body, taking medication that aid blood formation can also help treat anaemia.


This article is written to commiserate world blood donor day celebrated every 14th of June, 2022.

Many people don’t know this, but their daily routine has a significant impact on their health and mood.

For example, if you don’t eat your breakfast, you are more l
ikely to angy or frustrated then people who eat breakfast. This is why you need to be more decisive and thoughtful in your daily life as it impacts your life in ways you aren’t aware of.

Here are a few common mistakes that prevent you from being happy and healthy.

1.Avoiding A Deep Connection with Someone:
Do you have someone with whom you can speak anything without any worries of judgment or guilt? If not, then you are not the only one.

Having a connection with someone calm us down as we know we have a person with whom we can open our hearts. Such deep conversation helps us cope with the on-going frustration in life and feel rejuvenated.

2. Sitting All Day:
Most of us sit throughout the day, whether it is in our office or in school or colleges. Rarely we go on a walk or indulge in fun activities with our friends and family.

This obviously affects our body and cause complication for o
ur old age. Moreover, we are missing out on memories. This comes to haunt us later in our life and act as a source of disappointment.

3. Always In A Hurry:
When was the last moment, you sat down and just
concentrate on your breath and nothing else? An eternity maybe?

This might seem odd, but focusing on your breathing helps y
ou connect with your inner soul.

Your body responds to such signs by igniting little sparks in your body, which keep mentally and physically happy.

4. Not Joining A Community:
An ancestral trait among humans is that they feel safe when they are among friends and family. We feel positive and an urge to something in the community.

Hence, we all need to be part of a community, whether it a s
port, human welfare, entertainment, or any place where you can interact with people, can go a long way for anyone.

5. Ignoring Creative Abilities:
Do you miss drawing or write stuff at the back of your notebook in the middle of a class? This goes to show that there is an artist inside all of us.

We are not saying everyone is a Picasso, but letting your inner creativity out on a paper feels good. It looks like you achieved something.

So, let your creativity out in one way or another.

6. Willingly Trapped Inside Your Own House:
Traveling is a thrilling ride, you explore new places, meet new people. This benefits both your physical and mental condition.

For example, we are exposed to sunlight, it improves c
onfidence, you connect with more people, etc.

Moreover, this thrill rests inside your heart and gives you a reason to work so that you can go to travel again.

7. Not Contributing To Society:
A lot of us spend our days consuming on the things given by the society. Whether it is religious freedom, privacy, tech gadgets, or anything else.

We are so addicted to consumption that we forget to c
ontribute back to society. Imbalance and addiction are never good in any context.

Hence, engage in activities of contribution, even small one w
ork wonders.

8. Eating Alone:
A dinner table is a place of camaraderie among friends and family, which keeps the person lively and mood fresh.

However, if you are eating alone, you miss this aspect of eating and end up binge eating. This destroys your diet, and you blame yourself for being a disappointment. Both of which are the worst scenarios for anyone.

9. Doing a job/Reading Books You Don’t Love:
Career is a very important aspect of our life. We spend 1/3 of our day working and if you don’t like the job or the book you’re reading. You are bound to be frustrated, angry, lose interest in life, etc.

These are signs of a depressed person who falls into a vicious cycle of life. So, if you are working in a place, you don’t love or reading the material you don’t like either you change the job/material or try to love what you do.

10. Not Believing In Yourself:
If there is one person who shouldn’t doubt on your ability is yourself. Because once you start to do it, you will also do it, and it will reflect in your performance, whether it is your career, love life, or social life.

You end up being miserable, and there is little or no hope of growth in your life.

11. Not Obeying God’s Commands:
In everything we do in life, we need God’s help directly or indirectly. He’s the one that programmed us and we can’t do anything about that, so therefore, he knows and understand us than we know and understand ourselves.

So for that reason, following his instructions with the best of our capacity brings this particular inner peace and joy that encompasses everything.

So, these are a few Common mistakes you need to stay away from if you are looking for a positive and healthy life.

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Pimple is a skin condition common among teenagers and young adult which is due to clogging of the hair follicle beneath the skin with oil and dead cells.
This lead to a circular small bump on the face especially, it can also be found on the back, neck, shoulder, groin etc.

How to prevent pimples (acne)

Although pimples is a normal phenomenon especially in puberty stage, however to reduce the spread and curtail the skin condition. Do the following:
1. Avoid greasy or oily foods
2. Stay away from snacks and junks
3. Don’t poke a grown pimple
4. Practice good healthy hygiene

5. Stay away from heavy make-up and facial paintings that can clog your skin

6. Wear light dresses in summer to enable your skin get fresh air
7. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

8. Take balance diet daily

9. Exercise regularly
10. Steam and exfoliate your skin from time to time.
11. Change your pillowcases and bedsheets regularly

13. Stay away from creams that will predispose your skin to anomaly

By heeding to the aforelisted healthy routine, you are sure to reduce the incidence of pimples to the barest minimum.

No part of this article may be edited,copied without the permission of the author.