With the wide spread of coronavirus, always go through WHO sites and local news on latest updates.


The virus can be more active in some patients than others while others suffer from it mildly, however you can watch out for your health and those around you by practising the following:


1. Make sure your hands are clean Every time:

Clean your hands by washing them with soap and water, after that make use of hand sanitizer

Wash your hands frequently
Wash your hands frequently

Why? This kill microbes especially viruses found on  your hands.


2. Observe social distance:

Whenever you are in a gathering, ensure you keep a distance of at least 1 metre or 3 feet from another fellow beside you especially if such coughs or sneezes.


Why? Coughs or sneezes are small droplets from mouth or nose which may carry viral agents, getting too close makes you breathe this droplets in, especially if such patient has Coronavirus


3. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth:

Why? When you touch surfaces with your hands, it picks the viruses up and once it has been carried, such microbe can be moved to the eyes, nose or mouth of such carrier.

Cover your mouth
Cover your mouth

Afterwards, it enters the body and cause sickness in such patient


4. Normalise use of nose mask and face shield when in a crowd:

Always put on a nose mask when you are in the midst of people, also encourage others to do the same.


Why? This is to prevent the spread of the virus and keep you safe, hence don’t be pressured when you are directed to use a nose mask or face shield when you are in a mall, hall and big companies.

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Everything are put in place to curtail the spread of the virus.


5. Observe healthy respiratory hygiene:

Ensure the people around you and yourself observe safe respiratory hygiene.


You can do this by using your hands to cover your mouth and nose via bent elbow, or you sneeze or cough in a tissue. Dispose the tissue off immediately after use.


Why? Virus can spread via droplet, When you maintain healthy respiratory hygiene you safeguard the surrounding people from flu, cold and the said virus.


6. Consult the doctor when you notice you have fever, uncomfortable breathing and cough:

When sick or unwell stay home, seek medical attention if you are suffering from cough, uncomfortable breathing and fever.


Follow the directive laid down by local authorities around you

Why? They have the updated news about the situation of the virus in your locality.


You will be directed to the appropriate quarter if you call in advance whenever you notice the symptoms of COVID-19’19. It will also prevent it’s spread and other infection around you.




7. Stay informed and follow advice given by your physician:

Be current on the latest news about coronavirus, take the advice given by the doctors, local and public health provider, as well as employer on how to safeguard you, your family, friends and colleagues from Coronavirus.

Stay informed!
Stay informed!

Why? Local and national authorities posses up-to-date information on the spread of the virus, hence they are in the best place to tell people how to protect their lives and maintain their health

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8. Self-Quarantine and do medical check-ups when visiting another country:

Take measures when you are in a new area or just visited a country for at least 14 days i.e. quarantine


It is advisable you abide by the guideline listed above by staying at home when sick even if it is the slightest headache, flu until you are OK.


Why? Maintaining distance when you are ill and taking care will allow the plans put in place to operate effectively as well as protect you and those around you from coronavirus and other infections


Ensure you seek medical attention if you have fever, cough and uncomfortable breathing pattern as this may be the virus or more severe respiratory problem


Ensure you book the flight in advance and do what is necessary before going to another country or mixing with other passengers.


Why? When you do this, you will be directed to the appropriate medical office to check your health status in order to curtail the spread of the virus and other contagious diseases


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Updated  on 9th of February 2021

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