Okra is a little green vegetable with which breaks to release its seeds when dried. A spear-shaped green veggie with a mild taste, okra resembles a pepper and has been cultivated as a for a hundred of years due to its nutrient content

Importance of taking Okro

Here are the benefits of taking okra soup

1. It serves as an appetizer:
Okra soup keeps you full as it contains fibers ,this keeps you from snacking on junks after dinner.

2. It’s aids  digestion
The fiber is the main reason for this as well. High fiber content is beneficial for the digestive tract and this  keeps you going more regularly. This not only reduce the calories in your body thereby keeping your weight in check , but makes you healthier over all.


3. It’s a low calorie food
Just like we said earlier,okra has a way of burning down calories , It’s always good  when a food not only satisfy your hunger but also  keep  you in shape.

The low caloric value of okra means you can definitely eat more soups without increase in your weight.


4. It’s keeps water away, hence a diuretic:
This means that it remove toxins from the body and help you reduce excess water . A great weapon for debloating

5. It fights against foreign bodies
The fibrous okra fight against bacteria serving as immunity against microbes in the body.

6. It aids fertility and beneficial to the foetus
Folic acid is an essential vitamin recommended for pregnant woman to take as it decreases the incidence of foetus defect and abnormalities.

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Okra contain folates which not only does the above functions but also support healthy of the expectant mom and her baby.


7. It stabilizes glucose levels in the blood
The fiber content of okra is also responsible for maintaining the absorption of sugar into the digestive tract.


8. lastly It helps to prevent diabetes:
According to research, okra reduces blood sugar levels which in turn save us from problem attached with it i.e. diabetes and it prevention

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Updated:March 18,2021

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