Can you observe Eid al fitr prayer at home or not? Let’s reason it out based on scholars’ perspective
In the name of Almighty Allah,the most beneficent the most merciful,All praises and adorations be to him only and I bear witness that prophet Muhammad S.A.W is his messenger
It’s no more a news that tomorrow is Eid al fitr Day ,i.e Today 23rd of May marks the end of Ramadan for the year 2023..May Allah accept it as an act of ibadah

However there has been controversy as to how to observe eid prayer during this period..
Is it allowed to observe Eid prayer at home?
Actually there are three injuctions regarding this from the scholars of Islam
1.Fardu Kiifayah : Eid prayer is a compulsory act on certain people,that is some certain fellows can observe it on behalf of others,E.g The father can observe on behalf of his children

2.Fardu Aiin: It is compulsory every individual to observe the prayer..
3.Sunnatul Muakhadah: Voluntary act but which was emphasized..

The reason why some are of the opinion you can observe it at home is based on these three injunctions

If it is compulsory,then you don’t have to observe it at home if you miss it at the congregation ground but it is voluntary..meaning you can observe Eid prayer at home

Hence there’s no need to condemn another as it is neither a sin if you observe it or not and I understand why some are reluctant as to observing it at home as they fear innovating beliefs that are not featured in Islam earlier.

Eid al fitri prayer is observed when the sun rises between 9am-10am in the morning,Either you observe Eid prayer or not at home..Remember to recite the following prayer
“Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar LA illa llah,Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Wallilahil Ahmd”
Allah is great! Allah is great!! There’s no deity worthy of worship except him and Unto him all praises.

Stay safe as you Celebrate Eid tomorrow,let’s all remember to do Good deeds in between
May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all

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