10 unexpected things that raise up your blood pressure

What’s blood pressure?
Blood pressure is the force that moves blood through the circulatory system
Diagnosis should be done by a doctor using a sphygmomanometer.
A normal blood pressure is:
systolic =Less than 120mmHg
Diastolic = Less than 80mmHg
There are 5 blood pressure according to America heart Association, and they include:
1. Normal blood pressure:
This is a balanced pressure which indicate you are ok
it is usually 120/80mmHg
2. Elevated blood pressure:
This usually leads to High blood pressure and it is between the value 120-129/80mmHg
3. Hypertension Stage 1:
value: 130-139/80-89mmHg
it is usually treated with Blood pressure medication.
4. Hypertension Stage 2:
this is when the blood pressure is 140/90mmHg
It is treated with Blood pressure Medication & changes in Lifestyle.
5. Hypertensive crisis:
This exceeds the value of 180/120mmHg.it is mostly due to organ damage. Don’t wait for it to reduce, press the help line.

Systolic blood pressure is more important as it is a major risk factor for Cardiovascular disease for Older people.
Having understand blood pressure, aren’t you curious to know Unexpected things you do that increases your blood pressure?
They are things you haven’t been paying attention to, and they include:

  • Loneliness:You should be connected with friends not just having friends, Don’t be a lone wolf who believes it can survive on its own…survival is slim if you dissociate from people as well a rise in your blood pressure.
  • Not having enough potassium can increase your blood pressure, Eat more of plantains and other potassium-riched foods to maintain your blood pressure.
  • Pain:you feel pain because your nervous system sent the message to your superficial muscles and nerve, this often leads to a spike in your blood pressure
  • Trying to control your bladder:
keeping pee to yourself can build up pressure in your bladder which in result will reflect as an increase in your blood pressure

  • Taking NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) e.g. paracetamol, ibuprofen etc can increase your blood pressure
  • Dehydration:
Not having enough water can lead to concentrated urine in the bladder and affect the body in general by increasing the Blood pressure.

  • Usng certain Birth Control:
certain contraceptive lower dosage of Estrogen and the effect is increased blood pressure

  • Talking:You might be surprised thou but talking for a long period of time will lead to increase in blood pressure.so make sure to break down your speech the next time you are to present on a podium

  • Sleep Apnea:Difficulty in breathing while asleep can spike up your blood pressure

  • Sauna:Even it feels comfortable and soothing, Sauna can increase your blood pressure due to extreme heat & Steam

How to maintain a normal blood pressure
1. Eat a healthy food
2. Cut down on Sugar
3. Keep a healthy weight
4. Exercise regularly
5. Quit alcohol.
You need to take care of your heart by indulging in healthy activities and letting go of what might increase your blood pressure.

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