In one of our previous post, we discussed the symptoms of breast cancer however today we will be looking into examination of the breast, Hey did I tell you we are in the pink month? October is set aside for awareness on breast cancer.

OK back to our discuss, you should do self-examination at least once a month because it speeds up diagnosis, treatment and follow up of the tumour.

How do you go about it?

After research here and there, I think I’d preferred to stick to the one I learnt via pathology class, it’s easy and simple to carry out.

1. Lie on your back with a pillow to support you

2. Your breast tissue would be well spread out, hence start with the upper part of your breast using the other hand to support the lower part

3. Use your fingertips to rub the breast slightly, watch out for lumps

4. Do the same for the lower part, rub from one side to the other

5. Squeeze your breast for abnormal liquid

6. Take note of everything you noticed and report unusual symptoms to a doctor.

A painless lump is one of the symptoms of breast cancer, it’s normal to feel pain in your breast at times especially during menstrual cycle. We’ve discussed how to calculate your ovulation and menstrual cycle on this platform some time ago,so kindly go through them in order to know how to calculate yours.

Painful lump at early stage is surely not a sign of breast cancer however you should get yourself tested for swollen nodes in the breast. Don’t panic when you noticed watery or milky substance coming out from your breast as it due to prolactin been over-secreted however you might need to go for treatment as if left untreated, your reproductive life might be affected.

Watch out for fuel-smelling substance coming out from the breast, orange,reddish, greyish-fluild oozing out of your breast…it could be a symptom of breast cancer. Also, watch out for sudden change in colour and position of your breast.

Heartfelt condolence to those who might have lost a gem to breast cancer, remember it’s up to you to create awareness this pink month, To those who might be going through one illness or the other. Surely you are the champion out there.

Let’s all remember to stay safe, be watchful and take care of ourselves at all time.

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