When starting a business, the two most important factors that you must consider are the start-up capital and the profit you’d realize

Sometimes you may not start a business with any capital, it is only important that the business builds itself from its own profits. Your business can expand from nothing to something regardless of your financial strength.

The following are quick tips on how to run any business successfully:

  • Ensure that you comply with all legal requirement
  • Find a strategic location if you intend to operate away from home.
  • Be professional about your business,don’t tolerate credit from friends and family
  • Market your business like a pro
  • Be consistent,reliable and intentional about your business

Here are 20 Businesses you can start with little cash and at low cost

1. Baking

It can be as easy as you baking  from your own kitchen and sell in small-scale.

How to do it: You must do it perfectly to at least retain clients. But know that no matter how great your products are, without customers you could end up closing shop .

Hence you need to learn how to market your business, you should take any chance you get to let people know that you bake.

When you hear of an upcoming wedding or birthday let them know about your baking deal. You could let people taste your delicacies so that they can market for you by word of mouth, literally. You can also show off your best cakes on social media.


2. Daycare business
Starting a daycare is very easy. The most basic requirement is that you should be able to nurture a child.

Anyone leaving you a child will do so because he/she trusts you. Be your best and  be gentle.

How to do it: Marketing involves placing a “daycare” sign at the entrance. Make it seem like what it’s meant to be – a place where children are taken care of.

Also,Make it attractive by displaying toys as well as creating enough space to crawl and run.

It should be runned in accordance with the laws of your area.

The Good news is that the growth of a daycare facility is inevitable ,It is a patience game.

You build your portfolio with every passing day. Parents will always inform other parents about a good daycare.

Not limited to the above,Distribute fliers. Be on social media, have a Facebook page to  promote your business.


3. Consultancy Services
What is your expertise? What are you good at? Whichever career you choose, you can open a consultation firm.

It is sure people will pay you for your consultation if you are an expert in the service.

How to do it: When you share posts on social media, be professional.

Let people trust that you can give good advice. Add your qualifications on your profile. Appear as a guest on a television show.

As more people get drawn to your knowledge your portfolio will grow soon enough for you to charge for  consultation services.


4. Physical Trainer
There will always be someone who wants to lose weight or get fit hence been a physical trainer is a great idea.

You do not even have to have any training, you just have to look like you can inspire someone,lol

How to do it: If you are unfit get fit first as you should be seen as a role model.

Join a group of people trying to lose weight. Share your story merging your before and after picture.

Watch as people seek your services. You should also promote your business on social media. Train a celebrity,Write some blogpost to attract more people to your business.


5. Painting Services
Anyone can run a house-painting business. You can market your business as the only person or as a team. All you need is just the ability to do a neat job.

How to do it: You should list your services in the classifieds. If you need to go to your customers, then the best places to target are areas where people are building. So list in the classifieds and get your customers coming.


6. Clothing Business
Clothing business is very wide…from brand new clothes to second-hand clothes. What do you want to focus on?

How to do it: As you start your clothing business, you must first find a niche. You do not want to start dealing with a variety of clothes as a start-up, you need a niche and a target group.

For instance you could focus on baby clothes only Or the plus-sized, Or men onl, Or lingerie only.

The important factor is that you find a niche and focus on the customers you would want to target. After that, you must market your clothes. Promote the items online, one item at a time.


7. Make-Up Artist

The beauty industry is immortal. It is a   sector that will never be congested.There’s always someone looking for a make-up artist for ordinary wear, special events e.g weddings, birthdays or prosthetic for entertainment.

How to do it: Advertising make-up artistry is easy. Show-case your portfolio on social media. Tag a price on them. People will naturally contact you.


8. Poultry Farming
This will definitely be determined by the laws of your area and if they allow poultry farming. If they allow it but require that you sign some papers, do the needful

Poultry farming is easy.Are you rearing turkeys? Or chicken? Or ducks? Geese?

How to do it: You ensure that they are immunized against common diseases for instance Marek’s and Newcastle because when such diseases attack, they can wipe out your entire business. You can then breed to sell the meat,eggs or even the chicks.

All you need is a set market. Places you deliver your products on demand. You do not even have to market yourself intensively. You just need some fixed client, all you need to do is to do your business very well to retain the clients.

9. Blogging Business
Blogs are usually articles that seem like diaries and personal opinions. You can write articles that do not have to be factual but just your opinions about certain events including your own life .

You can also choose to write on your career to enlighten people about what you do,just like the main niche of Almeera’s zone is health and fitness

How to do it: You may or may not choose a niche.

All you will need is traffic. That’s the natural truth about any online business. More traffic, more money. Your blog should be enticing enough to attract traffic.

You can directly sell ad space, install Adsense , engage in affiliate marketing or choose to train people on blogging and web design.

10. Dating Website Business
Dating site business entails launching a dating website where singles interact and eventually meet up.


How to do it: Very many dating sites are being created and are trying to compete against already established social media and sites exclusively meant for dating. It is advisable to create a dating site based on a niche like say a dating site for people over 30 Or elite people.

Just make it about bringing in people with a common interest or even people within a certain locality. The advantage to this is that you can charge your curious and specific users.

But keeping your dating site general and hoping that they will subscribe and pay is next to impossible. The current day question would be – why pay for a dating site while we have Facebook and Tagged? Facebook is not specifically a dating site, but it serves that purpose too. It is a social site and wherever people interact there are bound to be some attractions and relationships.

So you start your new dating site to go against a powerful social network like Facebook? What extra features do you offer? Pick a niche.


Which  businesses can you establish amongst those listed above?

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Updated on 25th of May,2021

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