Rape in Relationship : is it allowed?
What Does Rape in relationship means?
According to Dictionary.com,Rape is defined as unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without force, by a sex organ, other body part, or foreign object, without the consent of the victim.rape in relationship is the act of doing it with your partner without their consent.
Does Law protect the right of rape victims in relationship?
When a woman has a close personal relationship with the man who rapes her, she (and others) may be confused about whether the attack was really a rape.
Oregon law, however, is clear on the subject of marital rape. Oregon has been a leader among the states in asserting that the marriage contract does not erase a wife’s right to say no to her husband. A woman in this state who is raped by her husband has the same rights as any other victim of rape, and she can receive the same protection under the Family Abuse Prevention Act as a woman who is beaten by her husband.
Similarly, what some call “date rape” is in fact the crime of rape. The term “date rape’” should not be used, as it is never appropriate to define a crime in the context in which it sometimes happens. For example, you would never hear, “it was a walk-in-the-park mugging”.
Sexual assaults and rapes are planned; they are not the results of unpredictable bursts of passion. The plan often is subtle and intricate, involving covert threats and manipulative actions. For example, earlier in the evening, the sexual offender might have demonstrated his strength in a playful wrestling match, or he may have shown her his gun collection or happened to mention violent acts he had committed in the past. The purpose is to plant the seeds of fear that will undermine her defenses when he attacks her.
Rapists will often rationalize, “It was a date, and she knew what to expect” (as if all dates are supposed to involve rape); or, “She shouldn’t have drunk so much if she didn’t want to do it” (since when is trusting someone an invitation to rape?); or, “She didn’t fight or scream” (as if being immobilized by fear or shock should be construed as consent).
Women who have been raped by their husbands or acquaintances experience many of the same fears and feelings as the victim of any sexual assault. They suffer from guilt (“Was it something I said? Or did?”), from fear (“What if it happens again?”), and from loss of trust (“How could he do this to me?”).
The victim needs to know that the attack was planned and nothing she did or did not do caused his sexually assaultive behavior. She needs to hear that he is a criminal and she is not an accessory to the crime but rather a victim. She needs to understand that her reactions during the assault—whether she chose nonresistance or screaming or some other tactic—were what she needed to do to survive. Only her instincts could tell her his potential for violence at that time, and she was correct to trust her instincts. Whether or not she chooses to prosecute, we encourage her to contact someone trained to work with sexual assault victims so that her healing process may begin as quickly as possible
Can you be raped by your spouse?
All states now recognize rape within marriage as a crime, and most charge the crime in the same way that rape between strangers would be charged. However, at least two states still have slight differences in the law for rape between spouses.Some states may have exemption to marital rape however most time it is difficult to proof as sex within marriage is consexual ,it do take marital discord or separation to proof marital rape occured.
Does age differences indicate rape in a relationship?
Yes it do matter to law the age of the two partner and this bring us to something called STATUTORY RAPE ;This is defined as having sex with a partner less than 18 years ,For instance if Mr A who is 20 years had sex with Miss B who is 17 (less than 18years) Then this is considered as Statutory rape has even though she gave consent and it was mutual but she’s not Old enough to give consent.You can be sue Under law for Statutory Rape so beware.
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What are the problems associated with rape in a relationship
1.Traumatic attack
3.Constant Fear and Insecurity
4.Low self Esteem
5.Unwanted pregnancy
Among others…
In conclusion,Rape in Relationship exist and should be eradicated.There is nothing like he/she lost control of their sexual urge,one of the characteristics of rape in relationship is that it is often planned and the victim would have been seeing signs of intimidation from the partner.
If you’ve ever been raped in a relationship,it can be traumatic and have side-effects however its left for you to move on with your life,and try to avoid the attack the next time.It is not  normal and appropriate as you have the right to sue the offender.
Remember you have the right to be free from violence and to reject actions against your will.
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4 Military men killed a young guy in Owerri,Emptied his Account balance and stole his Iphone
L-R: Young Leo before death, Young Leo lying dead with handcuffs

 A young guy named Leo Micah aged 21, was kidnapped around willow wood hotel in Owerri, Imo State since last week by men in uniform from the Nigeria Army they carried him along with his car to Anambra state collected all the money in his account killed and murder him and sold his car ES350 car.

He checked in into Willow wood Hotel last week Sunday been the 3rd Day of May, 2020. On the fateful Day being Monday the 4th Day of May, 2020, he was checking out from the Hotel inside his car with some of his friends when they were Stopped by four men wearing Military wears of the “Nigerian Army” whom as now have been confirmed that two were dismissed, one was dismissed 2018 and two are still active members drove off with Young Leo with a Clean Heart, Young Leo with a Clean heart thought these Military men were taking him to the Military Base in Imo State at Obinze for questioning but to his Greatest shock and surprise he has Driven down to a bush in Anambra State where he was killed. He had his hands cuffed behind him and he was wearing only a pair of jeans. His body was decaying already. Also a heavy stone, which one of the suspects confessed was the object used in killing him, was found near his body.

He was drained of his account balance, his sister’s account balance he uses for transaction too, collected his iPhone XS Max, took his valuables and physical cash he had on him, collected his Apple Watch and drove off to sell his car. 

The young boy had lost his mother earlier this year and still missed his mother burial that took place last week Friday. His Mother died after a long sickness and was to be buried that same week he was kidnapped last week Friday been the 8th of May.

 SARS was alerted and through his Apple watch one of the Soldiers collected from him, he was tracked with the Apple watch. 

It was said by one of the Soldiers that his friend paid for his death probably because of money issues or jealousy and envy.

Youths has embarked on a peaceful protest against illegal detaining of youths in the country. 

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No part of this article may be edited,copied without the permission of the author