Eid al fitri prayer took place in Korea today

What is Eid al fitr prayer?

The prayer observed in congregation by Muslims to mark the end of Ramadan which can either be 29 or 30 depending on the sight of the moon.you need to take the ritual bath and put on beautiful dresses when going for Eid al fitr prayer

What’s the situation in Korea for Eid al fitr prayer to take place?

In my last two  posts,I wrote on sultan of sokoto telling muslims in Nigeria to suspend Eid al fitr prayer and the clarity of whether Eid al fitr prayer can be observed at home or not.
In short,Nigeria as a whole didn’t go for Eid al fitr prayer,however despite the rise of  the pandemic globally,Korea still observe the prayer today.
This can be due to the fact that they have enough amenities to manage the virus and then they are well developed over there.

What precautions were taken ?

You won’t be allowed to enter the mosque or even go near the prayer ground if you are not with two essential elements and they are ; Nosemasks and Hand sanitizer..at the entrance of the mosque in incheon,your temperature will be checked and then you will go inside one by one.if the place is too crowdy,you’d have to stay outside the mosque.

With lockdown globally,stores,restaurants are closed and the subways are empty too probably  what added to the emptiness of the city is because today is a Sunday 

There are practicing Muslims in Korea

This is clear with the way many Muslims came out in Korea today although the turn out is still low compared to last year.
I personally believe Korea is a country with no specific religion as well but to Allah be the glory,The country is enriched with Muslims as well 

People observed Eid al fitr prayer over there in peace,took photos and went back home happily 
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