Ned Nwoko flaunt pregnant Regina Daniels’ picture on his Instagram page
Ned Nwoko and pregnant Regina Daniels
Prince Ned Nwoko announce that Regina Daniels is carrying his baby on his Instagram page yesterday ,’It is now official.I am excited to announce that my baby is having a baby’ he wrote.
Numerous congratulatory messages was showered on him with Annie idibia replying the post first ‘So beautiful’ she said.
Ned Nwoko married Daniels a year ago,thou he was married before meeting her but this is her first pregnancy for the billionaire.
Fans has been following the couple closely due to the circumstances surrounding their wedding ;age differences and Regina  doesn’t hide the fact that her husband is wealthy with her extravagant lifestyles.
Nazy _ahans couldn’t hide the fact that pregnancy fit Regina,she commented ‘Belle fit am mehn’

However some are of the opinion that Regina Daniels is too young to be pregnant.

Do you also think Love have age?
Hearty congratulations to her and I pray she delivers safely.
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7 Nollywood actors and actresses that died from cancer
Cancer is a disease that kills millions of people every year.
Cancer doesn’t care how old you are, who you are. Cancer doesn’t care whether you are famous or not, it doesn’t care how rich or poor that you are.
Remember to say a prayer for the loved ones these celebrities left behind. May God continue to console them.

Beloved Nollywood actress Aishat Abimbola popularly known as Omoge Campus, was battling breast cancer, so she went to Canada for scheduled chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, the heavy treatment badly affected her body, and her heart stopped beating.
The 46-year old beautiful actress died in Toronto on May 15, 2018. She left behind two children.

Photos of Nigerian cancer patient Paul Chukwu Arisa went viral in 2016 when he made a public outcry for help to raise money for his cancer treatment.

Paul who was an orphan, had been battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a form of cancer, for about 3 years before he resorted to making a public outcry to raise more funds for treatment.
Funds were raised, Paul started treatment and he was responding to treatment.
Paul didn’t let his sickness get to him, as he was always optimistic that he would beat cancer. He even named himself, Wavy Paul Survivor.

But tragedy struck, Paul was reported dead on Wednesday, May 10, 2017, just when he was due for a second surgery in India.

Anayo Isaac was suffering Ameloblastoma which grew worse and became cancer of the mandible when he reached out to the Nigerian public for help to raise funds for his surgery.

The tumor damaged greater part of Anayo’s body, affected his spine, skull, eye socket and his whole lower jaw was damaged.
Anayo died May 18, 2019. He was 34 years old.


Nollywood actress, Iyabo Bukky Osadare died after battling breast cancer since 2014 on November 27, 2019.

Debbie Osarere
32-year-old Debbie Osarere Idiagbonya lost her battle to cancer April 1, 2016 after a tough battle.
Debbie had discovered a mass in her left breast on 24th of May, 2011. She went for tests and was diagnosed with breast, liver and bone cancer which she spent the last 5 years of her life battling.

When she died, Debbie was receiving treatment for lung and skull cancer at the Howard University Teaching Hospital, Washington DC, USA.
She was diagnosed with stage 4 Invasive ductal carcinoma (breast cancer) in 2012, which she survived after treatment and mastectomy in 2015. She was also down with bone cancer which she also survived.
She finally lost the battle April 1, 2016.

Ahmed Mayowa Shukurat died Sunday, August 21 2016 in South Africa after battling ovarian cancer for a while.
She was was flown to South Africa on the August 11 for treatment unfortunately, she died a few days later

Mayowa’s plight had gone viral after Nollywood actress pleaded with Nigerians to help raise money for Ahmed’s treatment and over N100 million was raised in no time.

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