Cancer is an abnormal growth that kills people on a yearly basis regardless of age, race and personality.

What’s Tumour and Cancer?

Tumour is an abnormal growth of cells in the body without any particular reason or factor, There are two types of tumour, and they are

1. Benign Tumour

2. Malignant Tumour

Malignant tumour is the cancerous type which can kill people If not detected in time and that’s where we are going today regarding the celebrities who died of cancer.

Weall heard of Black panther’s actor who died of same cancerous growth, our focus today however is on Nigerian Celebrities/Nollywood actors and actresses who didn’t survive the growth .

Let’s get started, remember to say a prayer for the loved ones these celebrities left behind. May God continue to be with them

1. AISHAT ABIMBOLA:This Beloved Nollywood actress  was popularly known as Omoge Campus, Actress Aisha Abimbola was battling breast cancer and this made her leave Nigeria for chemotherapy in Canada.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t come back to shape as the treatment pattern affected her body system, and she stopped breathing.

Aisha Abimbola
Aisha Abimbola

The beautiful actress who was 46-yrs old died in Toronto on May 15, 2018. She is survived by two children.

2. PAUL ARISA:You must have seen the viral photos of a cancer patient named Paul chukwu in 2016,This was after he solicited for assistance in order to raise money for his treatment.

Paul Arisa has been battling with Lymphoma ;Cancer of the lymph for about 13yrs before he decided to make it known to the public when he needed more funds.

Paul Arisa
Paul Arisa

The funds were raised and Paul commenced treatment immediately, and he was responding to Treatment.

The actor was optimistic he will recover from the cancerous growth that he was named  ‘wavy Paul survivor’.

Unfortunately Paul was reported dead on 10th of May 2017 just when he was due for second surgery in India

3. ANAYO ISAAC:Anayo had ameloblastoma which is the cancer related close to the gum  it grew worse to reach the mandible and that was when he reached out to Nigerians to raise fund.

The cancer metastasized (spread) to his entire body reaching his spine, skull, eye.

The tumour damaged greater  and his entire lower jaw was destroyed.

Anayo Isaac
Anayo Isaac

Anayo Isaac gave up the ghost on May 18, 2019 and he was only 34yrs old then

4. IYABO OSADARE:The Nollywood actress suffered from breast cancer for about 5yrs since 2014


She later died on November 27, 2019

5. AHMED MAYOWA SHUKURAT:This actress was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer, and she sought the help of the public to raise funds for treatment.

In no time, more than 100 million was raised, and she was flown to South Africa for treatment on August 11, 2016

Ahmed Shukurat
Ahmed Shukurat

However, shukurat died 10 days after battling with the cancer for a while

What we are trying to derive here is that anyone can have cancerous growth as the celebrities are not left behind, try to take care  of your health as the popular saying “Health is wealth” is very true.

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Updated:16th May,2021

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