How Malaria fever affect people yearly|Best Anti-malaria drug


If you live in a tropical and subtropical country, you will definitely be familiar with the big ‘M’  for malaria. It is very prevalent in these regions because they offer favourable habitat for the carriers of the disease. Worldwide, about 228million cases were recorded in 2018 and a monstrous 405,000 lives were lost to the disease.

Malaria is a parasitic disease that is transmitted through the bite of an infected is more often than not spread by the female Anopheles mosquito.There is a variety of the malaria parasite that ranges from mild to severe.of them all,plasmodium falciparum causes the highest the highest number of deaths.

The parasite manifests itself 9-20 days after its injection into the takes that period of time to travel from the point of bite to the liver for its maturation.when it becomes mature enough,it migrates into the bloodstream to attach and infect red blood cells.This action results into rupture of the involved blood cells.
This series of events are responsible symptoms  you experience when you are weigh down by malaria.

People frequently refer to malaria as ‘ordinary’ which is very far from an accurate description. Malaria goes beyond the mild symptoms such as headache, shivering, fatigue and vomiting you might experience occasionally. Some people are hit harder with symptoms like anaemia, jaundice, joint pain, blood in urine and a host of others. If left unchecked for too long, it could escalate into terrifying complications including respiratory distress, kidney failure, enlarged liver and spleen, low blood sugar, cerebral malaria and the extreme end of the spectrum, death. Pregnant women and children under five are the most prone to malaria and its severities.
It is advised that if you experience milder symptoms, you should desist from casually popping pain killers like candies. They could elicit peptic ulcer and a life-threatening battle with kidney diseases. Visit a physician as soon as you suspect malaria to confirm it. A combination of drugs will be administered to be taken in doses,The best Anti-malaria drug in Nigeria according to NCBI as at 2019 is Artesunate,it is pertinent that you complete     the regimen to avoid stories that touch. The dosage is measured in a way that it effectively terminates the parasite in the body. So if stopped halfway, you permit the parasite more time to replicate and grow stronger immunity then return in full force. Now if there is a second attack within a short period of time, it would take longer for you to get rid of the parasite.



To reduce your chances of coming down with it, make sure you keep a clean environment free of overgrown bushes, litters and stagnant pool of water. They harbour early stages of mosquitoes. Use insecticides to terminate mosquitoes. More efficiently, sleep under treated nets to keep the carriers away. Anti-malarial drugs are advisable too. There is now a vaccine that provides 40% immunity against malaria, so if you can access it, take it.

Be more careful and intentional about your health. Fight Malaria in your way!

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