Male Sexual problems: An hindrance to sexual satisfaction
Definition of Male sexual problem

This can be defined as problem associated with men which leads to lack of satisfaction in the sexual life of guys affected.sexual problem is also known as sexual dysfunction and the ratio of occurrence in women to men is 43% :31%.

Sexual dysfunction can lead to depression in the individual concerned as well as destroy a marital set up according to  research .

Causes of male sexual problems

As the saying goes, “there is no problem without a cause” same thing applies to male sexual problems ,some of the causes include:

1.Depression and Unhappy life
2.Drinking and smoking
3.Some terminal diseases like Diabetes ,stroke etc.
4.Marital conflict
5.Lack of concentration
6.When androgen is secreted in low quantity
7.Underlying diseases associated with reproduction
8.accumulated stress as a result of work

Unfortunately ,this problem will affect both partners as no one will be happy with a partner who can’t perform well in bed.

Common types of male sexual problems

Sexual dysfunction in men are classified into three main types and they are:

1.Erectile dysfunction
2.Ejaculation issues
3.Low libido

-Erectile dysfunction are associated with the male organ not getting enough blood supply to keep it erect ,spongy tissues are suppose to make it ‘stand’ when aroused but if this doesn’t take place .it is called Erectile dysfunction

-Ejaculation problems :
Ejaculation refers to the release of sperm from the testicles,however if there is early release of sperm before orgasm,This is called premature ejaculation.While if the release of sperm is slowed down even after the peak is reached,This is known as delayed ejaculation.

-Low libido : Libido is the sexual drive possessed ,however if such energy is low whilst in bed,something is wrong.
  Low libido is  noted in female suffering from underlying sexual problems as well.

Doctors that can treat male sexual problems

To get suitable physician  to treat you,you need to get to the root of the matter that is,you should be able to identify the cause.

-If the problem is associated with mental health ,seeing a psychologist first might be suitable ,afterward he/she might  refer you to a general practitioner.

-If the problem is associated with the  male genitals,seeing an Urologist will be appropriate .

-If the problem is associated with hormones,enzymes or action of the body on certain chemicals,then an Endocrinologist will be the best option.

In all,you should be able to pinpoint what’s responsible for your poor sexual life .Feel free  to talk with your doctor about it so as to eliminate the problem on time before it get worsen.

Prevention of Male sexual problems

1.Avoid 24/7 busy lifestyles
2.Quit smoking and drinking
3. communicate your thought with your partner i.e Don’t keep malice with the woman in your life
4.Treat underlying medical problems
5.Eat healthy foods and take a lot of fruits.
Treatment of Male sexual problems

The treatment options will depend on the cause of the dysfunction
  Some of the options include:

1.Oral medication for erectile dysfunction e.g taking promescent for early ejaculation.
4.Boost  testosterone hormone
5.Visit a psychologist

6.herbal mixtures ; Be sure to consult your doctor before taking herbs as wrong dosage is harmful to your health. 

I will like to call your attention to the fact that all the treatment options listed will only make sense to try if you have sexual dysfunction,don’t take energy drinks when you are normal sexually,beware of the consequences that might come up with such actions.

In conclusion,male sexual problems are common amongst men of all ages  especially erectile dysfunction,   however it is up to you to be mindful of your mental health and lifestyles as they will tell on your satisfaction in bed with your partner.

If you feel you are suffering from any of these dysfunctions,don’t hesitate to see a doctor and once you are placed on a treatment plan,adhere to them strictly.

Remember,health is wealth!
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