6 ways men can look younger naturally

As much as men want beards in secondary school,most still prefer to look young forever.if you are one of such men, here are ways to maintain the look you love

1. Make use of cream regularly
Most guys of today won’t mind not enough moisture via creams, lotions etc however according to Everyday health “Dryness exaggerates signs of aging in the face and body”

2. Be mindful of your way of dressing
Don’t just wear anything, rather try to add hue of colour to your dressing as it actually brings out the youth in you.

3. Stay away from alcohol
Hope you are aware that taking beer, cocktails and other drinks makes you age faster and overtime it gives you a bloated Appearance.

4. Exercise regularly
The beauty of this physical activity is that it increases metabolism, slow Dow aging according to Times.

5. Eat healthy food
Most importantly cut down sugar as it destroys skin elasticity.some foods you should take from time to time include fruits, veggies,whole grains etc.

6. Keep your hair short
Don’t you wonder why your mom say you look older judging from your hair? Yea that’s exactly how you look like, Untrimmed long hair gives you old look.take frequent visit to the barber and your look will improve.

In all as a guy you need to pay attention to your look,eat healthy,exercise and hydrate from Time to time.


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