The Effects of Porn and how to stop Watching it.
    Pornography has been on of the major threats facing humanity, which destroy and still destroying lives of people.
 It’s a stigma, it’s Awkward to talk about, you don’t really want to bring it up with Friends.
It’s weird to talk about it in Church or Mosque. But it really needs to be addressed .
                                  WHY SHOULD I STOP .
It’s a question that’s been running through our minds by now as we are satisfying our sexual urge from it has it leads to masturbating and fortunately we Ejaculate.
I view all naked parts that are been covering within my area with just an easy download.
I feel relaxed and satisfied at the moment and watching it.
When I get tired or get demotivated or get a bad day ,I watched it to make me feel better.
But we all know that nothing with Advantages without disadvantages  so here are some Effects on our life both Mentally and physically.

1. Broken or troubled Intimate Relationship also called social anxiety.
2. Feeling of shame and guilty.
3. Completely kills your Motivation i.e with work or school e. t. c.
4. Financial Troubles.
5. Divorces.
6. (FAITH) i.e it’s a Sin .
  The worst part of it , it’s our Mental health issues such as mood disorders e.g Depression e.t.c.

An Armchair Psychology , Amanda Gordon , said we have a biological response or understanding to sexual stimuli .
Which the brain starts to depend on those stimuli.
Researchers detect changes in brain patterns Among porn addicts .

This what  we all have been waiting for ! Haven know how dangerous this catastrophe is for me, I wanna stop but it’s not easy , have even tried for some weeks or months then suddenly I found myself again in the act.
This it.


 1. Speed of Implementation is key; 
      Right now you are reading this, you are highly motivated to stop and to overcome it. then it is very easier to get things done .
But After reading this , you didn’t take actions maybe two to three days then booooom!! You have start watching it again.
So After Reading this , I need you to take actions immediately .
2. Eliminate Any Form or all Sources of Temptation immediately and Completely;
  What are the sources , you must check your surroundings, there are some simple sources that has to be Eliminated immediately like common Whatsap T.V, i.e T.V that shows statuses like No bra challenges, Twerking challenges and Even porn itself. Are to be blocked immediately and setting up parental/Adult site blockers on your phone , to prevent you from seeing Explicit content.
3. Established a Very Strong “WHY”.
  When Applying for jobs or Reading , you established why am I doing this makes it more successful, i.e Am Applying for jobs to make some cash , am reading to have knowledge or to pass my exams.

So please here take a sheet of paper and write the reasons you need to stop watching porn.

My own reasons include
# I get compromised by Faith 
# it killed my motivation
# it gives me a huge social anxiety
  Just make sure you Established your “WHY”.
4. Find an accountability partner.
 It’s somehow hard to do this , but you really need it. I used to have one trusted friend then, which also struggles to with stopping it , because I almost get to a stage where I feel like watching it again but I think of it , and talked to him about it and he said , “nigga  na the same thing I dey battle with oo, I wan stop I no know wetin I fit do ” I was happy to hear the truth from him too , because I used to remember a Bible verse that says 


And we both take control of it.
Just reach out to a friend and be vulnerable with him or her so it would be vice versa.
I punished myself and my friends I told you about too whenever I watched it he gave me some cash and when he did too  he gave me some cash .

 “6. The last but not least  is to PRAY.

God knows what we are all going through , since you are ready to help yourself , he is really gonna help you .

Smiles , I know you are Motivated Right now , so please take action. 
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