COVID-19 Project By Millineum Fellows:Distribution of PPE to hospitals


There’s no doubt that health workers have been playing a huge role in combating covid-19 globally. However, it is worrisome to know that our frontline health workers are being exposed to this virus due to insufficient personal protective equipment (PPE) when interfacing with patients which therefore impedes the efforts to control the spread of the coronavirus.

In a bid to support health workers, 2019 Millennium Fellows from the University of Benin, Nigeria by the names; Babatunde Bale and Amarachi Esonwune volunteered for a group of other young change-makers from a nonprofit organization called Global Youth Outreach to provide personal protective equipment to 2 hospitals in Lagos, Nigeria. In which, Lagos happens to be the epicenter of the spread of covid-19 in Nigeria accounting for more than 35% of reported cases.

The PPE provided included face masks, face shields, nurse caps, medical aprons, alcohol-based hand sanitizers, safety goggles and many more. The project (Mission PPE) was targeted to reach out to over 100 health workers in the state. The Chief Medical Directors of Orile-Agege and Ifako Ijaiye General Hospitals commended the effort of the young leaders for their humanitarian act.

The project was supported by the seed grant from The Pollination Project Covid-19 Relief fund.

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