Menstruation also known as period is the flow of blood from the vagina of a woman every month.

The purpose of which is to prepare your body for pregnancy, the menstrual flow is partly blood and tissue.age range of menstruation is 11-51years before menopause set in.

What’s PMS?
Premenstrual syndrome are symptoms that occur before period, and they include:

1.menstrual cramp
3.mood swings cravings.

Menstrual cycle occur for 28 days,so you are likely to see your menses within the first 3-5 days of the cycle. 

The length of time between first day of one period to the first day of the next is 21-35 days.

Event that take place during menstrual cycle include

  • Day 1-5: Menstruation occur, usually heaviest within the first 2 days.
  • Day 6-14: Bleeding stop and thickening of the Uterine lining
  • Day 14-25: This is when egg is released from the ovary, known as Ovulation.however if sperm enters the vagina and hit the egg, fertilization occur.

  • Day 25-28: If fertilization does not occur,egg breaks down and menstrual cycle starts all over again.

Clinically the Days are classified into phase;
Day 1-14 is known as follicular phase
Day 14 is known as ovulatory phase
Day 14-28 is known as luteal phase.

When are you fertile for pregnancy to result?
You are more fertile on the days you have abundant and sticky mucus. This is usually Day 14-25 of menstrual cycle, also temperature of the body increases suddenly without any cause.

You need to observe personal hygiene during menstrual cycle as always, it is brought to you that you are more fertile few more days after menstruation.
However, if you notice abnormal bleeding or no menstruation, then you need to visit a gynaecologist for proper check up.


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