Seven useful Tips to prevent miscarriage
A lot of miscarriages occur as a result of  genetic disorders/abnormalities in the foetus. As this is gene related, it can’t be prevented. Nevertheless, a few miscarriages are caused by ourselves either due to activities we engage in or meals we consume. Below are some few important tips that may help to prevent miscarriage during conception:

  • Eat healthy meals/balanced diet:  A good and balanced diet helps to provide necessary nourishment/ and supplements to the body. The body needs to be nourished well in other to attain efficient and normal metabolic processes. Balanced diet keeps the body healthy and well.
  • Regular exercise: Exercise helps to keep the body in good shape and form. In conception, exercise should be done regularly as it helps to keep the mother strong, healthy and fit.
  • Folic acid: This helps to form the neural tube. It is very important as it helps prevent some major birth defects of the baby’s brain(anencephaly) and spine( spina bifida). Ensure to take at least, 400mg of folic acid every day starting from 1-2 months before conception.
  • Reduced consumption of Alcohol/caffeinated beverages:  During pregnancy, alcohol consumption can lead to fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). This includes mental and physical birth defects and growth problems associated with the mother’s high levels of alcohol intake during pregnancy. The more you drink, the higher the risk of problems. Caffeine acts in A more similar way too. Thus, alcohol consumption should be reduced greatly.
  • Stoppage of smoking: This is dangerous to the baby during pregnancy and makes it harder to recover from delivery. Smoking deprives your eggs, embryo, and foetus of oxygen, thus, a high risk of miscarriage.
  • Ensure to keep your abdomen safe during pregnancy. Do not engage in activities that are prone to sustaining injuries.
  • Do not walk in areas or times exposed to radiations such as X-rays, infrared rays, electromagnetic radiations, etc.

Do ensure to visit your health care provider so as to ascertain the causes of your miscarriages and to check for underlying health conditions before attempting to take any medications. Also, make sure you register for antenatal care to improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery.

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