George floyd and police officer who kneeled on his neck worked at the same club -owner claims
George Floyd before death
A  female club owner has spoken out on how she formerly hired the pair at the same time.
Mr floyd, an unarmed black guy, died in police custody on monday after four minneapolis police department officials arrested him.
Now, the proprietor of a mexican-themed entertainment venue claims that she hired both Mr Floyd and the cop who kneeled at the 46-yr-vintage’s neck, same year.
The ex-minneapolis police branch officer, Derek Chauvin, dismissed alongside  with 3 different officers for his movements this week, which have caused demonstrations throughout the US  and a row between Donald Trump and twitter 
“Chauvin became our off-responsibility police for nearly 17 years that we have been open,” stated Maya santamaria in feedback made to KSTP information.
“They were operating together on the equal time, it’s simply that chauvin worked outside and the security guard have been inner.”
Ms Santamaria owned and controlled the el nuevo Rodeo club on lake avenue for nearly two decades.
She said that regardless of the fact that Mr Floyd and Mr Chauvin labored overlapping shifts at the same venue for 12 months, she could not confirm whether they knew each other
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