Rape: man’s inhumane act
A victim of rape

While the world battles the novel Corona virus, there have been an outrageous spark by Nigerians over the brutality of Vera Uwaila and others we haven’t heard of. The society must shun such inhumane act, the government must act to bring to law the perpetrators. The dignity of a woman and girl child must be preserved and gender equality (Sustainable Development Goal-SDG 5) must be practice if we desire a sane environment in the next generation. An act against the right of an individual is a crime. I want to talk about rape which is a type of sexual assault.

Sexual assault is an act which a person sexually touches another person deliberately without the other’s consent or physically coerces a person into sexual act against their will. Types include rape, groping.
Rape is when a person intentionally penetrates another’s vagina, anus or mouth with a penis, without the other person’s consent.

The prevalence of rape cases in Nigeria is on the rise, individual who has been raped faces a lot of social, medical, emotional and psychological problems. These problems include, genital tract traumas could lead to bleeding, fistulas, abnormal vaginal discharges, sexually transmitted infections like HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancies which may lead to unsafe abortions, sexual disorders and mental illnesses amongst other negative effects. Other problems include denial, learned helplessness, genophobia, anger, self-blame, anxiety, shame, nightmares, fear, depression, flashbacks, guilt, rationalization, moodswings, numbness, promiscuity, loneliness, social anxiety, victim finds it difficult trusting oneself or others, difficulty concentrating, development of posttraumatic stress disorder, addiction, major depressive disorder or other psychopathologies, emotional scarring by both victim and family of victim, a strong desire for revenge.

Rape can also occur within marriage and relationships, know that sex is about consent. If your partner forced you into having sex with them, it is rape.
The end result of rape is a bruised and a battered woman.
Rape offenders can be strangers, family members, friends, acquaintances, supervisors and even religious leaders.
It is unfortunate that most cases of rape are under-reported probably due to fear of stigmatization, the intent to protect the victims, belief that the police may fail to solve the crime as well as considering the low rate of prosecution of offenders by the Police. The laws in Nigeria against rape should fully take effect against offenders.

Recovering from rape requires time, the process is hurting and painful. Sometimes, the experience makes you feel weak and useless. But there are ways out:

  • Reach out to someone you trust and open up. It really hurts and hurt the more when talking about it but in same manner silence is deadly in the situation. It delays the healing and adds to the feeling of shame. Open up to that someone who is supportive, calm and compassionate, it does help. 
  • Rise from your sense of helplessness and stigma or isolation. Let this challenge you to live a normal life and also encourage younger generation who will experience this epidemic. 
  • Flashbacks, nightmares and depression will certainly set in but clamp them down with the assurance that there are not real. 
  • Bring your body and feelings together, don’t feel physical and emotional shut down. Participate in social activities, engage your mind and cheer up. 
  • Stay connected to your God. 
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George floyd and police officer who kneeled on his neck worked at the same club -owner claims
George Floyd before death
A  female club owner has spoken out on how she formerly hired the pair at the same time.
Mr floyd, an unarmed black guy, died in police custody on monday after four minneapolis police department officials arrested him.
Now, the proprietor of a mexican-themed entertainment venue claims that she hired both Mr Floyd and the cop who kneeled at the 46-yr-vintage’s neck, same year.
The ex-minneapolis police branch officer, Derek Chauvin, dismissed alongside  with 3 different officers for his movements this week, which have caused demonstrations throughout the US  and a row between Donald Trump and twitter 
“Chauvin became our off-responsibility police for nearly 17 years that we have been open,” stated Maya santamaria in feedback made to KSTP information.
“They were operating together on the equal time, it’s simply that chauvin worked outside and the security guard have been inner.”
Ms Santamaria owned and controlled the el nuevo Rodeo club on lake avenue for nearly two decades.
She said that regardless of the fact that Mr Floyd and Mr Chauvin labored overlapping shifts at the same venue for 12 months, she could not confirm whether they knew each other
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No part of this article may be edited,copied without the permission of the author