How to boost and improve your self-esteem
Well, To some self-esteem is  acquired to others (myself included) we regard self-esteem as personal traits which can be considered success. Low self-esteem will only make you feel bad about yourself, make bad choices and if care is not taken you can go astray when it gets worst.

Self-esteem simply means appreciating oneself and having value for yourself,too high or too low is disastrous (Take note).several factors influence self-esteem and some of them include:Inner thinking, age,disability, your job, experience and even genetic factors.
Some have low-self esteem just because they feel people are watching,monitoring and talking about them and to be frank, you don’t need all that. You don’t exist for people,you should be able to live your life positively and confidently without waiting for anyone’s of such contributor to poor self-esteem is social media, just because Katrina kaif seems to be a big star with nice body shape, you start body shaming yours.just because you saw a genius on Twitter solving mathematics in few sec you’ve concluded you are a dullard. That’s why social media is in existence to distract you and make the ‘unreal real’.

Do you know what nearly disrupted Ben Carson’s life if not for Sonya? Low self-esteem is bad to cut the story short and one of the traits of a low esteemed fellow is the inability to say No and putting others need above yours (Excessively).
Your self-esteem is healthy if:

  • You are able to say No
  • Able to express your needs
  • Know your strength and embrace your weakness
  • Feel Good about yourself

However if you feel otherwise, it’s not over until it is are 12 proven ways to boost and improve your self-esteem
1.identify your weakness:
Don’t be ashamed who you are, you need to know where you are not too good at then try to improve on that. Don’t beat yourself down when you are not getting it right.
2. Focus on your strength:
Instead of allowing your weakness to weigh you down, why not sharpen your good side?
You are good at drawing, then do it right!

3.Build healthy relationship:
Take note of  ‘healthy’ here, you don’t need toxic friends around you,Do you? Make new friends,develop and nurture it till it grow to huge branches.
4. Take a break :
Traquinlo!(calm down in Spanish) you’ve tried to write all day but you kept on making mistakes.why don’t you have a rest? And start all over again when you are calm.
5. Be positive:
No matter what’s going on around you,maintain the better side and hope for the best.
6. Learn how to say No:
Being nice is different from being naive ,don’t hesitate to say No when you feel it is not right even when you are been coerced or cos.maintain your stand that’s if you are standing right yourself uh.

7. Improve your physical health:
Eat balanced diet,sleep well,Exercise frequently,observe personal hygiene.
8. Accept challenges as part of life:
‘Don’t ask why me,rather ask why not me?’~ Inspired2prosper by Ahlumba Harris.
Be ready to embrace the storm of your life,it’s yours alone to bear and be positive in tackling them.
9. Engage in new skill:
One thing is common to new stuffs ,you love,work and engage with them with passion.why not try reading books,painting,go skating,take up cooking skills instead of sulking all day on what you might never find answer to regarding your life.

10. Help someone today:
They say givers never lack,studies shows those who give a hand and help others experience inner happiness free of boundaries.
11. Stop worrying about what others think:
You are not here to please anyone,just do it right!
12. Take care of your appearance:
Be charismatic ,get rid of odours (body odours,mouth odours etc),Be neat that you’d see yourself and smile at how you look.

No one is born with self-esteem but it is something within you,it is left to you to bring out the best fashion of yourself,remember if you don’t help yourself No one will.
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