Stretch marks (striae)|risk factors, causes and Best creams to get rid of it

Stretch mark is a type of scar (scars don’t fade off completely) in form of long, narrow streaks or line whereby collagen (protein that man your skin more elastic) and elastin that support the skin rupture, it forms scar as ruptured skin heals (chronic inflammation).
Also known as striae, striae atrophicans, striae graviderum affect women more than men, parts of the body you can have stretch marks on include stomach, hips,buttocks, thighs,breasts, upper arms, lower back can be reddish, purple coloured depending on your skin type.

Risk factors of stretch marks are 6, and they include:

  • Hormones
  • Family history
  • Puberty
  • Rapid weight loss or gain
  • Pregnancy (50% of pregnant woman have stretch marks)
  • Underlying diseases e.g. Cushing’s disease and marfan syndrome.
The following conditions have stretch mark as one of their symptoms
1.Ehler’s Danlos syndrome
3.Helen plenus.
You might wonder, but what causes stretch marks on the body?
The two major causes of striae on the body are puberty and pregnancy, others include:
1.weight gain
2.application of corticosteroid on the skin
3.breast implant surgery
4.Medical conditions.
I am happy to tell you it’s a myth that applying creams or lotions on the body can cause stretch marks.kindly ignore that

Although stretch marks are permanent, there are several ways to make it to fade away.They include:
1.stretch mark creams;some of the best stretch mark creams include Baqq stretch mark butter, earth mama belly butter, stretch mark lotion etc. Apply and massage gently on the spot, try to apply earlier before the mark heals as a scar.
2.Apply hyaluronic acid and Tretinoin (Home remedies does not work neither tanning)

4.Laser therapy
5.chemical peel

Ultrasound, laser therapy and chemical peels can only be operates by a professional (Dermatologist).
You can prevent stretch marks by eating balance diets, maintain healthy weight and avoid rapid weight loss
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