Warning Symptoms of breast cancer

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Breast cancer is the growth of malignant tumours in the breast and timely detection can still prolong one’s life.

Breast pain and breast cancer Lump
Breast pain also known as mastalgia is not the first symptoms of breast cancer, it could be an indication of
1. Flunctuation of hormones
2. Effect of birth control pills
3.breast cysts
4. Stress etc.
Breast lump can be cancerous but most are benign which can be induced by breast infection, fibroadenoma amongst other underlying breast disorder.
Breast cancer lump are usually with irregular edges.
Symptoms of breast cancer
They include:
  • Changes in Nipple
  • Itchy breast
  • Back, shoulder and Neck pain
  • Nipple discharge :Milky discharge is not an indication of breast cancer it’s likely due to breastfeeding and galactorrhea(Milky discharge from a man or woman’s breast without breastfeeding due to underlying problem) But take note of clear, red,brown, orange discharges. They could be warning signs of breast cancer.
  • Inversion of Nipple (This is normal during ovulation or other menstrual cycle)
  • Breast enlargement
  • Dimpling
  • Visible veins on the breast
  • Weight loss.
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Breast cancer in men
Attention are not been paid to men’s breast as women hence diagnosis do occur at later stages,men with breast cancer are rare but experience same symptoms as breast cancer in women so why not examine your breast from time to time as a guy?

Breast cancer diagnosis
Apart from physical examination by patient, for confirmation the following can be carry out to know the extent and stages of the growth. They include:
  • Mammogram;x-ray of the breast
  • Ultrasound
  • MRI scan
  • Biopsy and so on.
Take care of your breast and do regular check-up from time to time, every October is the breast cancer awareness month, pink ribbon is commonly used to depict breast cancer, so we can choose to education others as well. If you feel lump in your breast, unsual nipple discharges please visit a physician for a check-Up.
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