Cancer is the malignant tumor that later metastasized to distance organ,other type of tumor is benign which doesn’t spread to distant organ nor leads to death. Our focus today is on colon cancer which is a malignant tumor of the colon (the interior of the large intestine which is 6 feets long) otherwise known as colorectal cancer, it is the third leading cancer in U.S. in both men and women.

Colon and rectum are the final portions of the alimentary canal where undigested foods is absorbed.colorectal cancer is an adenocarcinoma i.e a cancer of lining tissue in the body.

Risk factors include:

1. Age ;colon cancer occur mostly after 50yrs however unfortunately it’s not like that in Chadwick the wakanda king who died two days ago at the age of 43yrs,Also  phelon ervin from Texas  disclose in an interview yesterday that he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer at 28 years and he has been managing it for 10 years now. This shows there is reduction in age at which it occurs or probably other risk factors predispose them to premature colon cancer.

2.race;African-American race are the most at risk

3. Family history;thou majority (80%) of colon cancer patient do not get it from their family

4.underlying medical problem e.g. colitis, sclerosing cholagitis

5. Diet;eating foods rich in fat can predispose one to colon cancer

6. Obesity

7. Consumption of alcohol

8. Smoking

But what causes colon cancer?

Cells of colon divides frequently and this leads to growth within the colon known as polyps,with genetic mutation precancerous polyp become cancerous however if removed on time there won’t be something like colon cancer as it takes about 10yrs for it to fully develop

Removal of polyp is dependent on showcase of symptoms but it’s saddening that it might have developed into colon cancer before one is aware as it doesn’t display symptoms until later and some symptoms you will observe include:

  • Rectal bleeding or blood in the stool
  • Dark-coloured stool
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea.
  • Narrow stools
  • Weight loss
  • Bloating
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Excessive gas
  • Abdominal pain
  • Jaundice

From stage I (least advanced) to stage IV (most advanced),it progresses and spread to lungs, liver,prostate, breast,ovary and other distant organs, this process of spread of cancer to distance organs is known as Metastasis.

Diagnosis of colon cancer include the following

1. Sigmoidoscopy:This is process of using shorter tube to examine the left colon and rectum only

2. Colonscopy :This is the procedure whereby long tube is inserted into the rectum to examine the colon as a whole

3.CEA (Carcinoembryonic antigen) which is a tumor marker

4.FOBT (Faecal occult blood testing)

5.stool DNA testing

6.FIT (Fecal immunochemical test)

7. X-ray

8.CT scan ;special form is known as virtual colonscopy.

How long can one survive colon cancer?

With early diagnosis,the survival rate is 5-yrs with the use of necessary treatment methods and even if it is removed, its likely it recur.with advanced stages of the cancer,the prognosis of 5yrs reduces.according to a 2019 study, the survival rate at stage IV is 3 months on average.


Relationship and your health:How single life can affect your health

Treatment of colon cancer

The most common method for early stage of the cancer is surgery,also it is the best procedure.however with advancement into other stages, there’s need for other methods of treatment including:

1.chemotherapy:it can extend the life of the patient and improves quality of life, chemotherapy include combination of drugs either orally or intravenous.some side effects of chemotherapy as a form of colon cancer treatments include:anaemia, loss of energy, hair loss,vomiting, diarrhoea etc.

2. Radiotherapy :This method is commonly used at stage IV to reduce pain from recurrent colon cancer, some of its side effects include fatigue, hair loss, skin irritation etc.

Although some risk factors of Colon cancer are fixed and unpreventable however most are preventable, and they are:

  • Early removal of polyps
  • Exercise
  • Reduce intake of fats and increase fibre intake
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Quit smoking

What brought about the inspiration to write on colon cancer was the tragic death of beloved actor Chadwick boseman who died of it, sincere and heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and fans. Goodbye our wakanda king, Don’t think only the old needs to take care of themselves you need start when young,I once read an article that at early 20’s you can have stroke if care is not taken..yea the youngs are getting sicker each day due to poor awareness.I hope we all stay healthy and live a worthy life

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9 ways to care for the heart without pills

The heart is a muscular organ about the size of a closed fist,its sit in the chest and primarily the function of the heart is to pump blood throughout the body.
The heart is divided into four chambers in human (three amphibians,two in fishes and four in aves) ,they include:
1. Right auricle
2. Right Ventricle
3. Left Ventricle
4. Left auricle
Right auricle and Ventricle as a pair pump deoxygenated blood while Left Ventricle and auricle pump oxygenated blood
As we’ve understood the importance of the heart,we need to take care of it to avoid diseases such as angina pectoris,heart attack,arrhythmia,myocarditis,pericarditis etc.

The number 1 cause of death in America according to study are heart diseases and according to Nisha B. Jhalani ,M.D director of in-patient clinical services for the center of interventional vascular therapy in New York “Risk factors for heart diseases can be symptomatic,A few changes can prevent the diseases even among those are vulnerable”
This is why we gathered 9 ways to take care of your heart before getting ill (without medication)
1.visit your doctor often
2. Exercise regularly
3. Quit smoking
4. Get enough sleep
5. Consume Legumes
6. Eat early
7. Eat chocolate often
8. Don’t sit every time for long hours
9. Get a pet.

Before I start to explain each way, Let me chip this in. The Best food for the heart include whole grains, leafy green vegetables, beans,berries, Avocados,fatty fish, walnut and Dark chocolate.

  • Visit your doctor often :As youth we tend to overlook our health wait till around 40yrs before going for check-ups which shouldn’t be so.your physician should be aware of your family history, Blood pressure, Glucose level, cholesterol etc hence make it priority.

  • Exercise regularly:
150 minutes of walking or 75 minutes of running per week is cool

  • Quit smoking:
Smoking is not good for your vital organs as it contain nicotine ;a cancerous substance
  • Get enough sleep:
7 hours per day is the ideal hours for sleeping,anything lesser make you prone to heart diseases. The best food to get enough sleep include barley grass powder, warm milk, kiwi-fruit,almonds, walnut,cherries, fatty fish such as salmon etc.


  • Eat more Legumes:
Legumes are mostly proteinous, they are one of the food that maintain long healthier life from our last post.beans, lentils etc reduce Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) by 5% according to Canadian Medical Journal

  • Eat earlier:
“Eating before 3pm lower BP by 10 to 11mmHg in 5 weeks” according to a journal Cell Metabolism, Moderate evening meal is OK as well.

  • Eat more Chocolate :
People who eat about three 1-ounce of chocolate have a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Don’t sit every time
sitting for too long can increase your risk to diseases, once in a while take 30minutes break from sitting especially if you are in a long meeting.
“Frequent sitters have big waists and increase heart disease” according to a Scottish study.

  • Get a pet:
According to a research,youth with pets have reduced risk to heart diseases compared to adult who are even married Due to social aspects of being an owner, from taking a walk among other benefits attached.
Prevention is better than cure, you don’t have to take pills to keep your heart functioning properly. These at little things you can do and your risk of cardiovascular diseases will be reduced to the barest minimum.
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11 Common Mistakes That Prevent You From Being Happy And Healthy Today
Many people don’t know this, but their daily routine has a significant impact on their health and mood.

For example, if you don’t eat your breakfast, you are more l
ikely to angy or frustrated then people who eat breakfast. This is why you need to be more decisive and thoughtful in your daily life as it impacts your life in ways you aren’t aware of.

Here are a few common mistakes that prevent you from being happy and healthy.

1.Avoiding A Deep Connection with Someone:
Do you have someone with whom you can speak anything without any worries of judgment or guilt? If not, then you are not the only one.

Having a connection with someone calm us down as we know we have a person with whom we can open our hearts. Such deep conversation helps us cope with the on-going frustration in life and feel rejuvenated.

2. Sitting All Day:
Most of us sit throughout the day, whether it is in our office or in school or colleges. Rarely we go on a walk or indulge in fun activities with our friends and family.

This obviously affects our body and cause complication for o
ur old age. Moreover, we are missing out on memories. This comes to haunt us later in our life and act as a source of disappointment.

3. Always Be In A Hurry:
When was the last moment, you sat down and just
concentrate on your breath and nothing else? An eternity maybe?

This might seem odd, but focusing on your breathing helps y
ou connect with your inner soul.

Your body responds to such signs by igniting little sparks in your body, which keep mentally and physically happy.

4. Not Joining A Community:
An ancestral trait among humans is that they feel safe when they are among friends and family. We feel positive and an urge to something in the community.

Hence, we all need to be part of a community, whether it a s
port, human welfare, entertainment, or any place where you can interact with people, can go a long way for anyone.

5. Ignoring Creative Abilities:
Do you miss drawing or write stuff at the back of your notebook in the middle of a class? This goes to show that there is an artist inside all of us.

We are not saying everyone is a Picasso, but letting your inner creativity out on a paper feels good. It looks like you achieved something.

So, let your creativity out in one way or another.

6. Willingly Trapped Inside Your Own House:
Traveling is a thrilling ride, you explore new places, meet new people. This benefits both your physical and mental condition.

For example, we are exposed to sunlight, it improves c
onfidence, you connect with more people, etc.

Moreover, this thrill rests inside your heart and gives you a reason to work so that you can go to travel again.

7. Not Contributing To Society:
A lot of us spend our days consuming on the things given by the society. Whether it is religious freedom, privacy, tech gadgets, or anything else.

We are so addicted to consumption that we forget to c
ontribute back to society. Imbalance and addiction are never good in any context.

Hence, engage in activities of contribution, even small one w
ork wonders.

8. Eating Alone:
A dinner table is a place of camaraderie among friends and family, which keeps the person lively and mood fresh.

However, if you are eating alone, you miss this aspect of eating and end up binge eating. This destroys your diet, and you blame yourself for being a disappointment. Both of which are the worst scenarios for anyone.

9. Working A Job/Reading Books, You Don’t Love:
Career is a very important aspect of our life. We spend 1/3 of our day working and if you don’t like the job or the book you’re reading. You are bound to be frustrated, angry, lose interest in life, etc.

These are signs of a depressed person who falls into a vicious cycle of life. So, if you are working in a place, you don’t love or reading the material you don’t like either you change the job/material or try to love what you do.

10. Not Believing In Yourself:
If there is one person who shouldn’t doubt on your ability is yourself. Because once you start to do it, you will also do it, and it will reflect in your performance, whether it is your career, love life, or social life.

You end up being miserable, and there is little or no hope of growth in your life.

11. Not Obeying God’s Commands:
In everything we do in life, we need God’s help directly or indirectly. He’s the one that programmed us and we can’t do anything about that, so therefore, he knows and understand us than we know and understand ourselves.

So for that reason, following his instructions with the best of our capacity brings this particular inner peace and joy that encompasses everything.

So, these are a few Common mistakes you need to stay away from if you are looking for a positive and healthy life.
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What is Fashion in every day life to you?

Nowadays,fashion as become the number one list on every teenagers scale of preference both male and female.According to Wikipedia fashion is defined as “a popular aesthetic expression at a particular time and in a specific context, especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, and body proportions”. Fashion is more than putting on clothes,it’s more of putting on more accessories to enhance beauty and outlook.
As every year approaches fashion designers also tends to bring something new to the fashion line because people always want to look different each passing seasons. Looking at various fashion trendings.

1. Jeans
 Jeans was invented in  1863 by Jacobs Davies and Levi strauss.This is pants (popularly known has trousers) made from denim.As years passes the jeans keeps involving into various styles to suit teenagers obsessions on it.For example during the 90’s,jeans were worn plain but as time keeps evolving new styles were brought in and these are ripped trousers,crazy jeans and jean jackets

These styles keeps evolving and its never exhausted.

2. African wax prints(popularly known as ankara).
This one of the major fabrics that most fashionistas keeps improving upon.Before this particular fabric was old-fashioned but now its the center of all fashion world. And its one of the trending fashion in the world.

Famous popular musician beyonce slays in the african way with ankara.

3.Chiffons   Chiffon  is a popular fabric which is worn during summer period(hot weather).And this fabric is worn in various ways and for diverse occasions both work and outings.As fashion trends changes daily this particular fabric also changes with time in other to suit the style of the wearers. Chiffons comes in various styles including shirts,gowns and skirts.

It’s so wonderful to see what fashionistas can achieve with the use of lace.Lace can be widely used in various areas of fashion in other to make the wearer comfortable and decent.Laces are mostly hand woven or made  with special machine that’s why laces must be well taken care of.

  All clothings are unique in there own way and that is why we must be able to take care of it properly.Especially keeping our wears away from beatles and cockroaches to avoid unnecessary holes in the clothes.Your clothes can be free from insects by proper washing and ironing of the cloth before wearing.

Fashion most times brings out the beauty of every individual.As a saying goes thus; the way you dress is the same way you will be address.As you are going along the trends of evolving fashion, don’t forget to do the necessary and that is dressing ressponsible.

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