Eye is an organ of sight located inside the skull.it is hold in place by the six extraocular muscles and each part of the eye contribute to vision and recognition of light stimuli.

It is important to take care of a complicated organ like this, Today is World Sight Day with the theme “hope in sight”. This is a call to action for us to see to the well-being of the eye, and here’s how to go about it.

1. Wash your face regularly:
Dirt can get into the eye if you don’t clean your face with pure water and wipe with a neat towel, remember not to share face towel with anyone.

2. Visit an optometrist at least once in a year:
You might wonder why? Looking at your eye yourself, you might not notice any infection or anomaly however with the aid of instrument like an Ophthalmoscope, the back of the eye can be seen,displaying the entire condition of the eye as well.

If you notice any strange sign in your eye too, don’t ignore or wait for later. Go see an eye doctor that instant.

3. Eat more foods rich in vitamin A :
Vitamin A contains retinol which aids good vision, hence you need to take more foods like liver, carrots etc.

4. Stay away from dim and intense light:
Dim light is bad for the eye especially when reading and working.



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Also intense light bleaches the rod cells of the retina which is care is not taken can have a permanent effect on the victim.

These are simple tips that you can observe at your convenience and in return you can maintain your vision. 

In commiseration of today’s event (WSD) World Sight Day,I’m dedicating this post to all visually impaired, stop blaming yourself for deed done.

however you can still do well by retaining what’s left of your sight.

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