What you need to know as a youth

 Youth is the period between childhood and adult stage, meaning it’s just a cycle that will pass with time. A full-blown adult is said to be 40yrs of age, one thing that matter most aside your health is your entire life and you might wonder why should Almeera’s zone be concern with my life, well it’s true that’s your life For God’s sake however I would like you to know that living a productive life will give you peace of mind and inner happiness while a mediocre lifestyle will only bring bitterness and depression might result.

What do you need to know as a youth?

You need to be aware of certain things during this period of life, they include:

1.This stage is Ephemeral:

It simply means this time shall pass, do you remember your siblings as a toddler ? Yea how are they now? Grown-ups who won’t believe they once love to play with sands and dance in the rain naked.such is this stage as well, most of the things giving you pleasure now will be useless to you once you are an adult thou addiction might make you persistence in doing certain things. The only thing you need to continue into your adulthood are good morals and decent lifestyle.

2.You need friends and make right connection:

You might think I’m independent, why do I need to make friends however you will still meet people as your journey in life continues, and they will Make or mar you so it is left for you to choose wisely.don’t just move with friends who party, smoke and lead wayward lives rather stay with friends who would encourage to be someone greater in life.be friendly with strangers, you never know who’d be your best card when It comes to connecting with people

3.Choose the right partner:

It is not yet time right? But you need to plan for the future, you can’t just choose anybody as your bestie of life.make sure such fellow vibe with your energy and allow you to grow, one of the regrets so many adults made today is choosing the wrong partner who either didn’t allow them to grow at all or an abuser.choose wisely! 

4.take your education with seriousness:

Aside family background and character, the third surest way of making it in life is studying hard and reading books, don’t join the ‘Education na scam’ gengs, the fact is that when education start taking people to higher grounds, an illiterate fellow won’t have a say.don’t just go to school, allow yourself to be schooled.

5.Your health is your priority:

Don’t wait till old age before you start to look out on what you eat, how you live your life, quitting unhealthy lifestyle.it will be too late then as the result of your youthful age will be out then.take care of your body in its entirety and encourage others to do the same.

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 In conclusion, youthful age is sweet and can be tempting that you get carried away with pleasures of life, however think of the future as we are the leaders of tomorrow.you need to lead a life you will be proud of in the next 10-20 years to come, live a life you will be proud to tell your children about.

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