Combating the pandemic in Nigeria

Earth to those who could here to my calling. It is certain that the covid-19 isn’t a joking matter anymore as cases continues to pop up here and there at an alarming rate while important personalities too are dying. Truly, the pandemic is nothing but a poetic event which is filled with irony and sarcasm depicting the greatness of God and how nothing is above or greater than him.

 Let’s quickly state some facts before we venture into how the world has been leveled down to the foundation with other builders. Nigeria at the early stage of the pandemic could have actually prevent the virus from spreading to this greater length but due to our carelessness, it made it worse. Now, have we learnt our mistake?

No Why? Because some states like Kogi has refused to take the proper measures in preventing the spread of the virus as they play the Virgin role.

Meanwhile, it is known that Kogi has about 3 confirmed cases and also a recent personnel who died in an isolation center. Isn’t this obvious enough?

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This shows the unreadiness to combat the virus and safeguard the lives of the masses by the government. In other news, the pandemic has reached about 10 million confirmed cases worldwide. Provision for a cure is still going on by scientist all over the world.

  The world indeed is on the verge of having a revolution which is going to occur after the pandemic as the world will finally understand the importance of unity and patriotism.

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What do you all think about this?

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