Distinguishing Between Need And Want;Set your priority
Don’t confuse things you want with the things you need as then you will find yourself empty-handed“, says a famous quote.

Want and Need, These are two similar words that have
destroyed countless human lives. This is because even after years of education, people cant distinguish between these two simple words.

So, in this article, we will try to do this monumental task.

Why do you need to distinguish between want and need?

Now the first question that might spring in your mind is,why do you need to make this distinguished? What’s the big deal?

To give you an example of this distinguisher. Imagine a rich boy is given a fraction of his allowance to survive for a month. There is a very high he won’t be able to get through the entire month.

On the other hand, if the same amount, a middle-class boy
is given, the probability shoots up, and the probability is the maximum when a poor boy is given the task.

This is a very telling situation and shows you the mirror when we talk about what do you need and what you want.

1. Understanding Needs vs. Want:

Let’s begin by understanding what the meaning of each word is. Need are things you can’t live without. You can’t live without a house, clothes for daily wear, food, water, air. These are very basic things and are required by everyone.

Now a lot of people will also argue that you can add emotional things like care, friends on this list as loneliness is a big phenomenon right now.

Now, this is where the line between needs and wants starts to mix. Because scientifically, there is close to zero evidence that you need friends, care to live life.

But as we all know, life becomes miserable when we don’t
have these emotional supports. This is where wants come into the picture.

Imagine you are organizing a birthday party at your home.
Now it is a tradition that each birthday party in the family
needs to have birthday caps. Now you don’t have time to buy those caps unless you skip your sleep or work.

If you don’t buy those caps, everyone will bitch about your
incompetence, and this will haunt you and bring sour in family relations. Let’s be clear, no one wants that to happen, and everyone will do the necessary.

Now technically, you don’t need those caps, but you want
those caps to have a proper party and enjoy the day. So, the difference between needs and wants is very minor, and more often than not, we cross that line in our life.

2. Deciding What Is a Want and What Is a Need

Now that we know what a want is and what is a need, we can easily distinguish everything in the two categories. It might seem like a simple game, but it is far from it.

Imagine you go to the supermarket; you see a discount on
pasta. As a wise person, you brought those pasta because they are cost-efficient.

Now, you need more ingredients to cook your pasta. So, when you reach the cheese section, you see only one packet of your favorite cheese. But you need more packet of cheese for the pasta.

Here you have two options, either you pick the cost packet of cheese or wait for next week and cook only a portion of your pasta.

Here the packet of cheese is a need for your food when you brought extra packets of pasta, but it turned into a want when you didn’t have your preferred options.

So, you need to put all of your things in a 2 by 2 matrix. One side we have needs and wants and the other side top and bottom choice.

So, you know what a top need and top want are. This will help you make a well-educated decision in the time of need.

3.Appreciate What You Have:

Now that we have established what is your needs and wants, you will feel a little happier. To add that piece of the puzzle, you need to be able to appreciate what you currently have.

By doing so, you are telling yourself you are happy with what you have, and you don’t need more.

If we talk about the 2 by 2 matrix, then the want column will automatically have fewer things as you are not hungry for more. This sounds very impressive, but it is equally tough to implement.

Hence, you need to start small by refusing small candies to
resist the feeling and then move on to bigger things.

This is why? What? How to distinguish between Wants and Needs?

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