Definition of Erectile dysfunction

This is the inability to get or keep a man’s erection firm enough during sex
related terms include nocturnal emission, semen,ejaculation, pregnancy etc.

  • Nocturnal emission : This is commonly known as wet dream, whereby a matured guy release semen while asleep without any stimulation.

The rate at which nocturnal emission decreases with age.

  • Semen : This is a fluid which contain sperm and seminal fluid released by prostate and seminal vesicle
  • Ejaculation :This is the release of sperm/semen during sex
  • Pregnancy : This is as a result of matured egg fertilized by a sperm in order to form a new offspring known as foetus


Although erectile dysfunction is not a serious issue can cause stress and other complications.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

The following can lead to the sexual dysfunction.

1.peyronie’s disease: also known as penile fibrosis, this is a scar tissue found in the penis which can lead to painful erection. 

peyronie‘s disease is the injury to the penis due to sex or physical activities thereby forming scar tissue.

2. Obesity: increase in weight can hinder getting ejaculation
3. Sleep disorder: Not having enough sleep, poor sleeping pattern all contribute to erectile dysfunction.

4. Depression

5. Underlying health condition: have untreated diseases such as liver cirrhosis, heart problems, borderline personality disorder etc. can spur erectile dysfunction

6.hormonal imbalance
7.high blood pressure
8.brain disorders
10.kidney problem.


Symptoms of erectile dysfunction?

Watch out for the following:

  • Difficulty keeping erection
  • Difficulty getting erection
  • reduced libido.


Risk factors of erectile dysfunction?

The following are the risk factors that predispose you to erectile dysfunction

  • Old age
  • Medical conditions
  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Injuries
  • Certain drugs.

Complications include stress, low self-esteem, sterility,Unsatisfactory sexual life.

Prevention of Erectile dysfunction

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To prevent erectile dysfunction, do the following:

1. Quit smoking and drugs
2. Treat underlying health issues
3. Get enough sleep
4.have a good mental health
5. Treat kidney problems if you’ve got one
6. Eat healthy foods.

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Treatment of erectile dysfunction
Treatment approach depends on the cause,hence don’t feel embarrassed to discuss with your doctor regarding your life patterns.

Some treatment approach include:
1. Drug therapy
2. Medication
3.vacuum pump
4. Exercises such as Kegel,aerobic, yoga
5. Surgery

Foods you can eat to supplement the treatment include whole grains, cocoa,watermelon, vegetables & fruits.please try to quit or reduce meats, full-fat diary and processed sugar.

Erectile dysfunction is a common male sexual problem overlooked by most men, however you don’t need to self-medicate or taking sexual boosting herbs.if you noticed your sexual life is poor, kindly go to a hospital for a check up.

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