Gunshot is a wound as a result of a high velocity of a Gun, it can lead to bleeding, damages to tissues, broken bones and death.

Types of Gunshot

1. Penetrating Gunshot:This is the type of Gunshot that has just one hole;Entry hole

2. Perforating Gunshot:This is the type of Gunshot whereby it enters through one space entry hole and passes out through another exit hole.

Both type needs adequate treatment as a Gunshot wound needs to be taken to hospital at least 10 minutes after the incident.

So what do you do with Gunshot wound?

Before you get to a Doctor it might take a while, here are what you can do yourself

1. Clean the wound with clean water

Don’t use alcohol to clean as it slows down healing

2. Stop the bleeding by applying pressure, Rub Vaseline or petroleum jelly to stop bleeding

3. Cover the wound with a tourniquet, bandage or any air-tight substance

4. Elevate the wounded part above the head, Don’t elevate the leg for wounds to the chest, stomach and abdomen.

5. Do not give the patient anything to eat or drink.

What are the risk associated with retaining the bullet in the wound?

-Low red blood cell count

-Lead poisoning

After applying the above mentioned treatment, Dial 112 as the patient needs full treatment.

You’all need to stay safe during this period and take Good care of your health.

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