It is a normal thing for every living thing to grow, growth is for sure part of life. Everyone desires it. But it becomes worrisome when there’s a shift from the normal in a living thing’s growth.

Growth Disorder
Growth disorders are anomalies or irregularities that occur throughout a child’s growth and development. In comparison to other kids his or her own age, a child’s growth rate can be either slower or quicker.

When to be worried about your child’s growth
Is your child noticeably taller or shorter than other kids his or her age?
Although they may be small for their age, some children may still be developing normally. Some kids have short or tall parents, which causes certain traits.

However, some kids suffer from development issues. Children that suffer from growth issues are unable to reach their typical weight, height, sexual maturity, or other physical characteristics.

What causes growth disorder?
Growth hormone, which is produced by the pituitary gland, promotes the growth of bone and other tissues. Children who don’t get enough risk being quite short.
Additionally, a person can have too much growth hormone. A pituitary gland tumor, which is not cancer, is typically the cause.

When a child has too much growth hormone, their bones and body will develop excessively, a condition known as gigantism. It can result in acromegaly in adulthood, which enlarges the hands, feet, and face.

Most of these causes can largely be attributed to genetic, psychological, hormonal, nutritional, and environmental factors.

How Growth Disorders Can Be Diagnosed
Your child must be seen by a physician in order to develop an accurate diagnosis. Your child’s weight and height will be measured by the doctor in comparison to the growth curves and your weight and height.

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The child’s bone development stage can also be evaluated, and an X-ray scan can reveal whether the child has a growth issue when compared to other kids their age.

Eventually, other doctors will be involved in your child’s care to attain positive results.