How Blood Tests Can Detect Cancer

The detection of cancer especially at the early stage is now imperative for the early diagnosis of cancerous cells and possible prevention or treatment. One of the tests currently used is blood testing. Read more on other types of tests here

How Blood test is done

Samples collected to test for malignancy Cancer indications are examined in a lab using blood tests.
The samples may reveal the real cancer cells when examined under a microscope.


Proteins or other compounds produced by the malignancy may also be discovered through additional blood tests.

How Blood test Detects Cancer

Blood testing can also let your doctor know how well your organs are functioning.

Samples of blood, urine, other bodily fluids, or tissue are tested in a lab for abnormal cells or tumor markers that can help identify whether a person has cancer or a precancerous condition.
It also helps with the detection of high-risk patients, determining the cancer’s stage, determining its treatment options, and gauging how well the malignancy is responding to therapy.

Types of Blood tests for Cancer Detection

A blood cell count examination
An examination of the blood’s proteins
An analysis to look for compounds produced by cancer cells.
A test to detect cancerous cells
A test to detect the genetic material of cancer cells

Can Blood Tests Alone Detect Cancer?

However, most blood tests don’t work by themselves to identify cancer.
But they can offer hints that might help your medical staff arrive at the right diagnosis.

For the majority of cancer types, a technique to extract a sample of cells for testing is frequently required to be certain.

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Note that, you may require additional tests and treatments to determine the cause of your blood test yields an unexpected result.