How do you check the front of the eye(Eyelid,Cornea and conjunctiva) using ordinary Torchlight ( Photos)
The Eye is the visual sense organ use for seeing,for proper formation of images the eye should be in normal form and shape.

Instruments used in checking the Eye

several instruments are used to check the eye by professionals such as the optometrist ,Ophthalmologist etc and they include Arc light,Ophthalmoscope,retinoscope,Anterior segment loupe and Otoscope .

However a layman can also check his eyes with the use of normal Torchlight ,This can detect anomaly in the eye as ordinary as it is

The front of the Eye

The front of the eye are the part of the eye in the anterior part and they include:Conjunctiva,cornea,Eyelid and Sclera

How to inspect the front of the Eye using Torchlight?
The light from the torch is shun directly into the eye

The cornea: This is the window of the eye,it is the part of the eye that is transparent
Normal cornea is avascular and transparent

A white and grey colour in the cornea which is painful indicates cornea Ulcer

While a white and grey color in the cornea which is not painful indicates cornea scar

The Conjunctiva:This is tissue that protect the cornea from injury and is made up of the bulbar and palberal conjunctiva

Normal conjunctiva is filled with blood which is indicated by blood vessels and transparent (clear)

When there is formation of a thick tissue on the conjunctiva,this Indicates pyterigium

The Eyelid:This is Skin that covers the eye and protect it from physical injury

Normal Eyelid is a skin which consist of Eyelashes with outward projection,there is absence of swelling and cyst

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When there is an infection due to swelling on the Eyelid,this indicates Stye formation

When there is cyst formation on the Eyelid,this indicates Chalazion

When there is Inflammation of the Eyelid ,this indicates Blepharitis

These are ways to check the Front of the Eye using Torchlight..

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