Diabetes is a disease whereby the hormone responsible for regulating sugar level (Insulin) fails to function properly


Symptoms include:

  • Consistent thirst
  • Numbness
  • Frequent urination
  • Weight gain
  • Sexual problems etc.


A lot of people are at risk of diabetes in the world, however it can be prevented.


So how do you outsmart diabetes?

1. Cut down sugar:

Reduce the intake of starchy foods however this doesn’t mean you stop taking them completely



2. Eat more vegetables instead of fried and processed foods


3. Drink enough Water:

This helps to get full faster and regulate digestion of food


4. Exercise:

Engage in physical activity from time to time as this reduces stress, thereby excess calories are lost.


5. Eat more of fibers:

Go for higher fiber foods and complex carb that will take a while to break down.


6. Quit smoking

The risk of developing many diseases including diabetes with smokers, this is due to the content of cigarettes such as nicotine and cadmium which increase stress level.


The goal is not to quit eating, the only thing you need to quit actually is drinking and smoking, rest more and exercise if you are battling with diabetes or prone to high stress level which may eventually lead to the disease.



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