Justice : A key to happy life


    Literally,the word comes from a noun”Just “. Which is to be fair.It’s  synonyms are; scale,balance.
    However,technically,it means being fair in treating others by giving them their rights without nepotism,favoritism,tribalism or anything of such.There are some main types of justice.They include:

1-Divine justice:This kind of justice is the one shown by the creator to His creations.

2-Social Justice: It’s the one shown amongst ourselves within the society.

3-Ethical Justice:These are the ones done to knowledge guiding our conducts and behaviors.

4-Legal/Criminal Justice:The justice of dealing with offences.It’s of two types.

☆Retributive Justice: It’s the commensuration of an offence to a crime.

Repairative Justice:The justice done as ways to repair an offence.

Happiness that comes with dealing with Justice include :

1-People would respect your character and opinions.
2-You will be wanted to lead in the society.
3-It promotes peace amongst individuals.
4-It’s the fundamental of maintaining good inter-personal relationships.
5-It reduces insecurity and encourages mutual love.

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