Meet Scholar Habeeb from University of Ilorin as he shares tips on how to scale through University hurdles and pass exams in flying colours
A scholar is a student with the highest CGPA in his class,just like best student in the secondary school days,they recieve recognition from their respective institutions and are awarded other benefits attached

Sit back as we interview a scholar from University of Ilorin

Almeera zone: Good afternoon
Can the audience meet you?

Scholar Habeeb: My name is Saliu Habeeb Segun,a student of University of ilorin, kwara State.. I am a native of osun state.

Almeera zone: What is University life all about to you?

Scholar Habeeb: Well, life in the University is not like the way I see it in movies. I thought life in University would be very easy and that if you read you will pass, that if you are very brilliant …girls and guys will surround you and even get something for you from time to time but it’s not like that to me,.. in University ,you will have to struggle to survive  by all means;getting very early to class to get the front seat,to wake up late in the night to study even when there is no light ,to even have time to cook is a bit hard. Life in University to me  is easy and it is not easy ,it depends on you to take it as you want it to be

Almeera zone: How do you find the motivation to read when you feel down?

Or don’t scholars lose the will to read?

Scholar Habeeb: It took a while before I understand how it takes to read especially when I feel down..that is why I read with my close friend ,David. When I am down,we do chat and once the chat is over ,we motivate ourselves and go back to reading ,and at times when I am alone,I motivate myself too ,.. scholar do lose the will to read as well…. but for you to gain the will to read again,something have to trigger you to do so, times when I see the way people  show stuffs (Like share thoughts on what they’ve read)  it moves me too.

Almeera zone: Hmm nice

Almeera zone: Students don’t care about passing with good grade,they only want to get the certificate and go
What’s your opinion on this?

Scholar Habeeb:Hmm..I do wonder about that too maybe because  in the world of working class, people with good grade  find it hard to secure job ..
But what people don’t understand is that  Good grade you can defend is better than poor grade that u can’t even say anything about.

Scholar Habeeb: It is better to have good grade and nice certificate than poor grade certificate and leave because the confidence will be there,you earn what you have based on merit. people will even appreciate and praise you

Almeera zone: Thank you,I will pass the message across to them sir

Almeera zone: Before we end this interview..
Can you give us five tips on how to  successfully pass in an exam without much stress?

Scholar Habeeb: will always come with stress especially for  those that don’t like reading but To ease the stress
1. Pre reading: like once you have gotten the course outline and materials ,start reading them to be able to cover them before they are treated  in class
2. Ask questions from the seniors in the department.:  Ask questions from them on how the course is and he/she pass it ,also on how lecturers do  set questions and what they expect you to put down  especially when  the same lecturer  take same courses for same level,You can also ask lecturers politely  on how they want you to answer their questions.

3. Solve pass questions on each related courses:. Solve questions on related courses as at times some lecturers do set questions from past questions and it will help you to know your stand in the your  various courses

4.. study more textbooks that will give more understanding on hard courses and do group chatting with your classmates before exams ,some might talk about questions you might see in the exam

5. Prayer:.. prayer is what can crown ur efforts.. let’s be  prayerful,.. prayers can evem bring easy questions that you know very well (lol).. prayer is very helpful during exam periods.however,pray before and after exams.
I want to add to this…when I gained admission into University of ilorin, I was told that if you score 70 ,that is an A ,..I thought it was an easy stuff ,so why won’t I get 70 ,I would even get more but when results came out , that was when I realize University life was not what I think

Almeera zone: Wow so nothing comes with ease🤔

Scholar Habeeb:Yes ooo,you need to work hard

Almeera zone: Thanks for honouring the interview today
Hopefully next time we call on you to shed more light on certain issues,you’d accept the invite again

Scholar Habeeb:It is my pleasure ma,..No problem ,I am always available

As you can see from the interview conducted,University life depends on how you ground yourself ,Don’t be too carried away with the sweet life over there..Face your studies

Thanks for reading…

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