Meet William Omoye (A relationship expert) as he shares tips to healthy relationship
RELATIONSHIP as it were, is a koinonia or cohabitation between people irrespective the number, color or race.
But, on this confined space, and for the purpose of the column we shall be talking on the most coveted kind of relationship which is symbiotic and sexually inclined relationship between a man and a woman for the sole purpose of pleasure and copulating.

Human being are the main focus in every sexually bargained relationship, their believes, experiences and interest for the relationship and the person they are dating are determinant factors, whether the relationship will flourish or not. 

Every relationship must thrive on veritable affections, such love feelings must be reciprocative with utmost interest, if not with the same energy as given but near close to it.
A healthy relationship has a lot of commitment and demands on it path, if it must be achieved and sustain for a longer time. There are some lay down necessities and requisite partners must be ready to fulfill before they can say their relationship is a healthy one. 

Some of the requirements are

Every relationship must have a basic foundation which they want to grow on, the sole reason they are agreeing to be together is key, a well defined relationship will have it way on the path of fulfillments and happiness. 
Purpose should be the first point of negotiation and a such an integral part in any relatonship.

Commitment, is very important in a relationship, because there are going to be so much that will be said, and so many misunderstanding and hiatus in a  relationship but one thing that can pull such relationship through thick and thin is veritable commitment.

Any relationship that lacks transparency will not thrive, one major part of any relationship irrespective is openness of emotional need and personal opinion.

Whatever ideology, plan and implementation whatsoever that should accord a relationship, it must be a collated idea. 
Partners are to sit comfortably with a believe that their ideas and opinion is very important, either in the life of their partner or to the relationship as it were. 
Every opinion and views of both partner is very important to foster change irrespective and must be embraced wholeheartedly.

 big issue in relationship is that partner’s always want to be heard and often time very loud and selfish with their suggestion without first thinking in the perspective of their partner’s feelings and emotional state and that may be so wrong and hurting sometimes. 

Trust is another big issue that partner find difficult to work with in a relationship.  A lot would make trust for the other partner something worth the while, if there has always been a reason to trust from the beginning. 
More reason why transparency is one major factor to determine 100% trust for a partner.

The term “loyalty” has nothing to do with slavery or subjugation against someone’s wish but, it is a volitional and purposeful giving of ones idea, opinion, support, happiness and care for the benefit of the relationship.

9. LOVE 
Relationship must be build on this very important requisite genuinely and with much focus. Love is very imperative in all level of relationship.

William Omoye is a relationship expert,you can contact him on twitter @Omowillie

Stay safe guys
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