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Eye is a sense organ used for sight, it is the window of the body housed in the skull.
Check effect of digital screen on eye for full gist on the wonderful organ

Process of image formation:
When you look at an object, the cornea retrieve the light from an object,it sends the message to the retina for processing and transduction which passes the information to the brain as image (Upright image since the image that  get to the retina is inverted, incredible right!)

You wonder how does this happen and you could see a lot of things at once?, well that’s because several neurones are involved, and they are so fast just like electric transmission.

What’s refractive error?
This is defined as the defect of the eye that has to do with image location and formation, refractive errors include myopia, hyperopia , presbyopia,astigmatism etc.
Our focus today is on Myopia commonly known as short-sightedness.

What brings about Myopia?
Myopia is the eye defect whereby a sufferer is unable to see far objects clearly whereby they see near object in fact incredibly sharp.This is why they are known to be suffering from Short-sightedness.

Myopia causes
There are two anatomical (structure of the eye) causes of Myopia
1. High refractive power of the eye components with constant axial length
2. Long axial length (axial length is the distance measured from the surface of cornea to the retina) with constant refractive power of the eye components
Others include:
3. Bulging eyeball
4.working with light for many hours
5. Reading with dim light etc.

Don’t you want to know why you’d see clearly when close but not when far?
A myopic patient experience such because image is formed in front of the retina instead of On the retina meaning beyond the retina, the sufferer won’t be able to access far objects.

Myopia Types

There are basically two types of Myopia
1. Axial Myopia : This is the type of myopia whereby long eyeball lead to increase distance in anterior corneal surface to the retina ;This doesn’t change the power of the sufferer’s eye
2. Refractive Myopia:This is the type of Myopia whereby refractive system of the eye is too powerful ;The axial length of the eye doesn’t change.
Others include :
3. Degenerative myopia (Malignant)
4. Night Myopia etc.

Few weeks ago, I discussed with an elderly woman regarding presbyopia and myopia, she wanted me to check a number for her  (87) so I quickly chip it in that what’s happening to her is a physiological condition and assuming she’s myopic at tender age definitely her near vision would have been super now (take note that not all those who ask you to read something for them are illiterates especially the elders

, most of them are suffering from presbyopia)

Myopia correction and Treatment
When you have eye defect or problem, the primary eye care practitioner to look into it is known as an Optometrist, he makes uses of instrument Such as slit lamp, phoropter,retinoscope to identify the type of refractive error you are suffering from and the recommended eye glasses you are to use.
I can’t outrightly say there is no cure for myopia (short-sightedness) since you can manage it with lenses (some refer to them as glasses) known as concave lenses. The purpose of the lenses is to diverge light rays so that image can be focused on the retina.
However the correction is not permanent,once you remove the lenses the eye goes back to normal (Myopic)
Other treatment include Laser surgery, therapy treatment amongst others.

Refractive errors is not a disability,don’t lower your self-esteem just because you are using lenses.however you need to be careful with dim light to maintain 20/20 vision (normal)
Carrots, proteins and vitamin A are useful foods to aid your vision so indulge in healthy eating and diet

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