Ned Nwoko flaunt pregnant Regina Daniels’ picture on his Instagram page
Ned Nwoko and pregnant Regina Daniels
Prince Ned Nwoko announce that Regina Daniels is carrying his baby on his Instagram page yesterday ,’It is now official.I am excited to announce that my baby is having a baby’ he wrote.
Numerous congratulatory messages was showered on him with Annie idibia replying the post first ‘So beautiful’ she said.
Ned Nwoko married Daniels a year ago,thou he was married before meeting her but this is her first pregnancy for the billionaire.
Fans has been following the couple closely due to the circumstances surrounding their wedding ;age differences and Regina  doesn’t hide the fact that her husband is wealthy with her extravagant lifestyles.
Nazy _ahans couldn’t hide the fact that pregnancy fit Regina,she commented ‘Belle fit am mehn’

However some are of the opinion that Regina Daniels is too young to be pregnant.

Do you also think Love have age?
Hearty congratulations to her and I pray she delivers safely.
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